Technical Due Diligence

Independent technical evaluation and consultancy of PV projects

The Technical Due Diligence of photovoltaic projects represents a comprehensive examination and evaluation of the project based on the available plant documentation. The Technical Due Diligence includes the analysis of all system data and influential factors during the planning, construction and subsequent operation phase. We check the technical documentation, the contracts from a technical point of view and the quality assurance concept in terms of content and completeness. We offer advice during contract negotiations and provide you with valuable support in decision-making.

In the usual way, a Technical Due Diligence is carried out in the course of the M&A / transaction process and / or the financing of a new plant. The scope of services can be defined according to the development stage of the project and the due diligence report can be adapted in several stages. A Technical Due Diligence in the context of the acquisition of project rights in an early project phase is also possible. Technical Due Diligence is also useful when acquiring an existing asset on the secondary market. In this case, the existing (as built-) documentation is checked and an evaluation of the yield of the past operating years is made.

The results of a Technical Inspection can also be included in the Technical Due Diligence. This allows the comparison of the target and the actual state and to take up risks due to possible defects. The review of the available PV yield reports is also a part of the Technical Due Diligence. In this process, any differences between the existing yield calculations can be evaluated.

From a basic examination of the components and configuration (short TDD) to a full project review, including an evaluation of the contractually agreed performance analysis (PAC test) after the PV system has been commissioned: we adapt the scope of the Technical Due Diligence to your exact requirements and needs.


Due Diligence for photovoltaic projects: Your benefits

  • Risk mitigation through independent technical analysis of the entire project line-up
  • comprehensive analysis of all components
  • Reduction of contractual risks through technical review of all contracts
  • Long-term protection of investment

Which services are included in the Due Diligence?

  • Project evaluation: location, technical components selection, technical system planning
  • Review of expert reports (e.g. Yield Report and Soil Expertise)
  • Checking technical aspects in GU, EPC and O&M contracts
  • Evaluation of the QA concept
  • Consulting with contract negotiations
  • Technical consulting for your PV project

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