The blue’Log X-Series records all relevant system data, provides various interfaces and functionality for power plant control and thus enables grid-compliant feed-in for PV systems. For the monitoring portal VCOM (virtual control room), the blue’Log X-Series serves as the heart of on-site monitoring. To meet the complex requirements of the future energy landscape, we have redeveloped the proven X-Series and the Power Control range for you. We provide you with two variations of the data logger blue’Log XM (X-Monitoring) and blue’Log XC (X-Control) and facilitate tailored solutions for your individual photovoltaic projects.

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blue’Log XM

Increased performance and usability

  • Monitoring of up to 100 devices
  • > 100 days of data storage
  • Improved IT security (LDAP, SCEP, SSL, Proxy)
  • 100% data availability through 24/7 operations
  • 1 min. interval values 
  • Flexible alarm management
  • On-site visualization through a diagram generator
  • SFTP / FTP-Push
  • Integrated OpenVPN client
  • User logbook
  • New compatibilities for devices without a firmware update
  • Live access via VCOM
  • Automatic configuration backup in VCOM Cloud
  • Compatible with 3,300 devices 
  • Control of digital outputs via blue'Log frontend
Data sheet blue’Log XM / XC

blue’Log XC

Power plant controller for increasing requirements within national and international grid integration

  • The heart of the meteocontrol Power Plant Controller (PPC)
  • Graphical user interface for configuration
  • Precise active power and reactive power control
  • Fixed value and characteristic curve control
  • Ramp rate control
  • Switching setpoint method
  • Fail-safe Operation
  • Setpoint feedback (acknowledgement)
  • Fast stop 
  • Log (Archiving curtailment actions)
  • PDF report for power control settings
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blue’Log XM / XC compatibility check

Check if the device which should get connected is already compatible. For more detailed information please check the "Compatibility list - blue’Log X-Series XM / XC" in the Downloads section.