Photovoltaic yield reports

Sound yield reports for planning and evaluating PV systems

For more than 15 years we have been calculating the expected specific yield of PV systems. In the meantime, we have prepared more than 2,800 bankable yield reports for our customers for PV projects worldwide with a total output of approximately 19 GWp. Bankable means that our PV yield reports (photovoltaic yield reports) are accepted by banks and can therefore be used for financing applications.

Based on precise weather and irradiation data and taking into account local conditions, we determine the long-term energy yield of your PV system. In addition, our own calculations, which are based on our many years of experience and evaluations of real yield data, are included. Like most recognized experts, we use the simulation software PVsyst. The PV yield reports offer a reliable statement about the expected yield of the PV systems and thus enable, among other things, easier financing approval by investors and banks.


Professional and independent PV yield reports: Your benefits

  • Faster and simpler financing decision by investors and banks worldwide
  • Reliable forecasting of system performance taking location-specific factors into account
  • Planning certainty for investors due to realistic estimation of expected yields
  • Reliable photovoltaic yield reports through validation based on real operating data

Which services include photovoltaic yield reports from meteocontrol

  • Procurement of irradiance data from at least two independent sources (long-term monthly means)
  • Conversion of average monthly values into hourly values using synthesis processes
  • Taking into account local conditions (e.g. snow and objects causing shading)
  • Specific system configuration is considered
  • Detailed time-step simulations for each subsystem
  • Summarized photovoltaic yield report
  • Definition of confidence level and P-Quantiles (P50, P75, P90)
  • Personal contact person
  • Technical advice on plant design by our experts

Plant-specific pv production profiles for Power Purchase Agreements

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) have become increasingly important in recent years with regard to trading of solar energy and represent more than just an alternative to the previous "classic" feed-in tariffs.

In addition to energy supply companies, municipal utilities and grid operators, large corporates such as Amazon, Google, Facebook & Co. in particular represent an important pillar on the electricity consumer side. Within the framework of PPA tenders, the electricity consumers (off-takers) identify the suitable electricity producer in relation to their specific load profile. In the area of corporate PPAs, i.e. power purchase agreements between plant operators and corporates, the plant-specific power generation profile thus plays a decisive role.

For this reason, the PPA tendering process places special emphasis on a suitable hourly profile. Our independent team of experts will support you in this process by quickly and easily creating project-specific pv power generation profiles, also known as 8760 h profiles. A plant-specific hourly profile is also possible in combination with a bankable pv yield report or yield estimation.


  • Project-specific power generation profiles (8760h profiles) for solar power trading in context of PPAs
  • Project-specific power generation profiles in combination with bankable pv yield reports or yield estimations

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