Solar Power Trading Interface

Requirements of the market bonus model implemented with ease

An additional interface was implemented in the blue’Log for communication between the energy trader and the remote controlled PV system. The prerequisite for enabling the energy trader to sell solar energy on the electricity exchange based on the market bonus model is thus bundled in one device. The trading interface supports implementation of commands for reducing the active power of the PV system, in addition to supporting feedback to the energy trader about the current status of the feed-in power. To safeguard data communication between the monitoring system of the PV system and the respective energy trader, the communication line is protected via VPN encryption.


  • Activation of the interface by uploading of the trading interface licence
  • Integration of the PV plant in telecommunication network
  • Secure data transmission to the energy trader with VPN encryption

Your benefits

  • Simple conversion to energy trading by using existing interfaces
  • Cost reduction from grid feed-in management and energy trading being combined in one device
  • Users enjoy all benefits of the meteocontrol monitoring system
  • Additional system data can be retrieved
  • Compatible with many providers of solar energy trading
  • Security due to protected data transmission with VPN encryption
  • Visualization, alarming and long-term archiving of control events in VCOM

Trading interface licences

Depending on the size of the PV plant there are several trading interface licences available.

Compatible energy trader

Continually growing compatiblity to energy trader.

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Secure communication

The integrated OpenVPN client of the blue'Log X-Series allows secure remote access between the solar power trader (aggregator) and the PV system without additional hardware (e.g. VPN router). The solar power trader can thus influence the active power management of the blue’Log XC according to market requirements and, if necessary, specify a reduction in the active power output.