Zero Feed-In

100 % self-consumption guaranteed.

PV grid integration made enormous progress in recent years and grid-friendly plant controls were implemented in national and international grid codes. Still specific markets introduced export limitation schemes due to continuous increase in PV penetration.

In these markets (e.g. South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom or Spain) grid operators oblige system operators to equip the PV system with a technical device which either ensures a pre-determined electricity feed-in below the agreed export capacity or guarantees that there is no electricity fed into the public grid at any time.


  • Highly dynamic zero watt closed-loop control
  • Phase-related control
  • Back-up disconnection (Automatic grid disconnection)
  • Integrated solution for mixed parks thanks to inverter manufacturer independence
  • Wide interface and inverter protocol variety
  • Regular, continuous software updates
  • Graphical user interface to support commissioning
  • Dry-testing with validated controller simulation model

Your benefits

  • Reliable grid code compliance thanks to sophisticated control topology
  • High flexibility in system design and PV system technology
  • Suitable for mixed PV systems with different inverter types
  • Future-proof solution due to regular feature and compatibility updates (inverters, sensors, meters, etc.)
  • Quick and easy commissioning with convenient, user-friendly system
  • Increased transparency and investment security from planning to operation