Planning phase

Customized solutions and flexible planning of monitoring and SCADA systems for PV power plants worldwide

To suit your specific needs we always create the optimum solution using the right tools from our extensive portfolio: the use of SPS systems enables us to adopt an extremely flexible approach to fulfilling special requirements. In order to ensure simple and straightforward assembly on site, we supply all components in custom-made and pre-wired control cabinets. We choose the components in line with your quality and cost requirements.

We support you during the project implementation process: our project managers ensure that the project runs smoothly and that commissioning is carried out on time. In terms of grid feed-in management, we handle all the necessary coordination work with the responsible parties (grid operator, certification organization) and provide all the required documentation.

We provide solutions to meet special requirements such as:

  • zero feed-in
  • diesel hybrid
  • telecontrol connection (DNP3, IEC 60870-5-101/104)

Your benefits

  • Optimized costs through sound planning and expert consultancy
  • Yield protection with state-of-the-art monitoring systems
  • Effective execution through strategic coordination with authorities (e. g. certification bodies)
  • Implementation of all normative requirements (e. g. requirements imposed by the grid operator, laws on feed-in tariffs)


  • Selection, configuration and programming of components
  • Consultancy regarding the technical connection requirements of the grid operator
  • Planning of plant control in accordance with the grid operator’s specifications
  • Creation of circuit diagrams and installation plans
  • Documentation