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November 03, 2022 | meteocontrol

Up for a coffee with... Carla

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Today, we met our colleague Carla for a coffee.

mc: Hey Carla, how come that you mostly drink decaf in coffee breaks with colleagues?

Carla: I personally don’t drink coffee a lot and if I do, often without caffeine. However in Spain, where I come from, drinking coffee is actually very popular.

mc: I’m sure that some other colleagues feel the same way.

Carla: Oh yes, we usually have quite enriching chats in the kitchen. For me it’s also a place to discuss daily business and exchange useful information, even between different departments.

mc: Talking about daily business… You’re working as a Design Engineer, right?

Carla: Yes, as design engineers, we collaborate with clients to gather their needs and find the best technical solution for their projects that will comply with all involved norms.

mc: Interesting! Did you study in that area as well?

Carla: Sort of, yes. I have studied my Bachelor and Master in Telecommunication Engineering at the Universidade de Vigo in Galicia and worked for a couple of years as an engineer and researcher in the same area.

mc: And how did you end up in Germany here at meteocontrol, were you planning on going abroad?

Carla: Originally, I wasn’t looking for a job at that time. I just applied for the position at meteocontrol and had a very promising interview with them. After the interview I knew I could only say yes to the challenge to go abroad and start in a new, exciting field. I don’t regret the decision at all! The company exceeded my expectations and I fell in love with Germany’s wonderful landscapes and all the activities it has to offer.

mc: I’m glad to hear that. Is there something you had to get used to here in Germany or that even surprised you?

Carla: When I came here for the first time, I was surprised by how many photovoltaic plants you have. That made me feel disappointed with the PV development in my country because we have more sun, but way less PV plants. Nevertheless, I’m certain that this is already changing and I’m happy to be able to contribute to the development of renewable energies.

mc: I couldn’t agree more! Especially considering that we are working in quite a male-dominated industry, it’s fantastic to have more and more female colleagues, as well.

Carla: Absolutely, I think it’s important to keep in mind that women’s knowledge, skills and opinions are just as valid as any other. Our field of renewables has a major relevance and will grow even more in the next few years, but we do of course need more female presence in the field.

mc: That’s true. Wow, looking at the time I think we should both get back to our tasks! Anyway, it was wonderful to chat with you, Carla. See you soon!

Carla: Thanks, likewise! See you later!