PV monitoring for Dong Nam Viet Packaging

Following joint projects in Africa and South America, for the first time the cooperation partners ecoligo and meteocontrol have connected a solar system to the grid in South-east Asia. meteocontrol installed its blue'Log X-Series monitoring and control system to monitor the 994 kWp roof system in southern Vietnam. The photovoltaic system is located on the roof of Dong Nam Viet Packaging in Ben Cat Town near Ho Chi Minh City. The packaging company, which is certified to ISO standards, wished to switch to a clean energy supply but the financing options were lacking. ecoligo is able to take on these projects in developing and emerging countries through crowdfunding by private investors in Germany.

"We are pleased to have meteocontrol on board as a reliable partner for monitoring in this PV project as well and we hope for many more joint projects. The PV market in Vietnam is currently booming and we have already secured further projects. The conditions are attractive to our crowdinvestors, also thanks to the transparency that meteocontrol monitoring provides", explains Martin Baart, CEO of ecoligo.

System data

Location: Vietnam

Completion: 2020

Installed power: 994 kWp                   


  • Monitoring and control based on blue’Log X-Series

Image source: ©Vu Phong


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