The VCOM (Virtual Control Room) provides an overview of the performance of your entire system portfolio worldwide – in a straightforward manner and available at any time. In the event of a breakdown, this means that faults can be quickly located and rectified efficiently. You can adjust the web-based user interface to your needs – for each specific workflow. 

The most important key performance indicators and error protocols are provided to you automatically and clearly in the investor overview and the extensive, freely configurable reports.


  • Monitoring
  • Portfolio management
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Reporting
  • Key performance indicators 
  • Customizable user interface for effective operation management
  • Interfaces
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Your benefits

  • Save money and resources with our optimized and flexible portal solution
  • Take advantage of our wealth of experience when it comes to monitoring PV systems
  • Automated fault analyses save time in the event of a breakdown and maximize the yield of your systems
  • Rely on our top-quality data


  • Ready-made graphics – standardized inverter energy, performance ratio, heat map and many others
  • Comparison of target/actual values – simulation of the target value
  • Use of satellite data if no irradiance sensors are available
  • Creation of individual analyses 
  • Cockpit for system-specific overview


  • Operations overview – tabular display of the key performance indicators for all systems
  • Portfolio reports with key performance indicators, graphics, and tickets 
  • Predefined and customized filters affect all dashboards


  • Individual reporting for each system or for portfolios
  • CSV export of all measurement data
  • Investor view with key performance indicators, approved tickets and documents

Key Performance Indicators

  • Performance ratio as per IEC 61724-1 
  • Different methods for calculating system availability
  • Editor for parameterizing calculations
  • Data availability in real time

Ticket system and alarms

  • Historical file of all PV systems through use of a ticket system
  • Specific analyses for quick identification of faults
  • Individual configuration of alarm criteria
  • Ticket statistics for evaluation of failures

Open platform

  • Live access to the data logger of the blue’Log® X-Series
  • Compatibility with data loggers from various manufacturers
  • Flexible import interface for developing further compatibilities
  • Interface (VCOM API) for external applications (e.g. ERP systems)