Solar parks Fox Coulée, Joffre and Youngstown

Alberta, Canada is a key market for renewable energy and has optimal conditions for PV systems with it´s sunny but cold weather.

The solar parks in Fox Coulée, Joffre and Youngstown will contribute to Alberta’s plan to deploy 5 GW of renewables by 2030, with the goal of generating 30% of its electricity from renewables by the end of the decade, while also phasing out coal.

With an installed capacity of 93 MWp Fox Coulée solar park produces clean electricity to power over 20,000 residential homes, avoiding the emission of 70,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

The 61 MWp project Joffre in Lacombe County powers the equivalent of more than 12,000 Alberta homes energy use each year.

With an installed capacity of 7.85 MWp, Youngstown generates approximately 13,000 megawatt hours of clean electricity annually. The output generated by the solar park can power the equivalent of approximately 1,900 four-person households with sustainable energy. This is a significant step towards renewable energy utilization in the region.

Solar park Joffre © EPC: GOLDBECK SOLAR North America

System data

  • Location: Alberta, Canada
  • Completion: August 2023, January 2024 and February 2024
  • Installed capacity:
    • Youngstown: 7.85 MWp
    • Joffre: 61 MWp
    • Fox Coulée: 93 MWp


  • Monitoring and control based on blue’Log X-Series
  • Power Plant Controller (PPC) based on the controller blue’Log XC
  • Setup in VCOM Cloud for professional and efficient technical operation management
  • Sensors
  • Technical design
  • Grid Code Compliance Engineering Services and Testing
  • Project management and commissioning
  • Training on hardware and software
Solar park Fox Coulée © EPC: GOLDBECK SOLAR North America

For each project, meteocontrol designed and implemented a monitoring and control solution utilizing the VCOM Cloud and the blue’Log X-Series. meteocontrol also ensured a reliable grid connection. On site the Power Plant Controller (PPC) is compliant with the requirements of the grid operator Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO). The power is seamlessly integrated into the Alberta Interconnected Electric System (AIES).  Apart from the solution to monitor, control and manage the assets, project management, setup, and commissioning, meteocontrol also conducted a training on the hardware and software used. For the project in Youngstown meteocontrol additionally integrated a sensor solution with the Solys2 Sun-Tracker.

GOLDBECK SOLAR North Amercia realized the projects Fox Coulée, Joffre and Youngstown as EPC. By using the VCOM Cloud, GOLDBECK SOLAR North America can manage and view their entire portfolio via one platform - whether existing systems in Europe or these latest projects in Canada. Additional users and dependencies could be easily added at any time.

VCOM Cloud allows for digitalized service management and reliable hosting of our data. As an open platform, it gives us every opportunity to work efficiently to maintain and optimize the portfolio. Additionally, the benefits for our customers are substantial, as they have access to a customer view, providing near-real-time information about their investment, empowering them with greater transparency and control over their assets.

Lenta Wright, Operations & Maintenance, Commissioning and Warranty Manager, GOLDBECK SOLAR North America
Solar park Youngstown © EPC: GOLDBECK SOLAR North America