Solar Park Roanne

Just an hour outside of Lyon is located Roanne, where meteocontrol realised a project together with Egrega. The solar park Roanne with an installed power of 5MWp is managed by the blue’Log XC as PPC. Serveral blue’log XM come in the main station with the blue’log XC to offer a complete monitoring of the substations status of the system. The device also offers a direct interface to the aggregator, which can send commands for shutdown in case of negative price when needed. One device to manage both DEIE (P0/Q0 setpoints from grid operator) and aggregator setpoints. Everything in one place.  The monitoring and processing of the data occur via the VCOM portal for more data transparency and further analysis.

System Data

Location: Roanne

Completion: 2021

Installed power: 5000 kWp                                        


  • DEIE blue’log XC + blue’Log XM station (Monitoring + PPC)
  • Direct interface for aggregator
  • Technical design
  • On site commissioning
  • VCOM Cloud

Image source: Egrega


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