Retrofit in record time

In less than 18 hours, meteocontrol replaced an unreliable monitoring solution with a future-proof meteocontrol system. The 3 MWp system in South East Spain has worked perfectly every since:

The experienced experts of meteocontrol won us over with their detailed and knowledgeable consulting assistance. They quickly and safely installed an economical and user friendly complete solution.

Martin Schmitt, the Managing Director of the service center TAUBER SOLAR

System data

Location: Spain

Completion: 2016

Installed power: 3 MWp                                                   


  • Upgrading to the modular, scalable meteocontrol system as quickly as possible (thanks to experienced engineers)
  • Replacing existing data loggers and integration into the portal as an overall system
  • In advance: Engineering at meteocontrol

Image source: Tauber Solar GmbH


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