Power Plant Controller for pv plant “Partanna”

The project with an installed power of 5,4 MWp is located in Partanna, Sicily. It is Italy´s first plant which combines thermodynamic and photovoltaic systems. For the photovoltaic system meteocontrol implemented a monitoring system for three centralized inverters, zone monitoring for string current check and the Power Plant Controller (PPC) according to the regulations of the grid operator Terna. “We are glad to have such an experienced partner like meteocontrol for the implementation of this project. The Power Plant Controller allows for precise and flexible power control and feed-in management”, says Pierdomenico Iacoi, O&M Manager ecoprime Italia.

System data

Location: Italy

Completion: 2021

Installed power: 5.4 MWp


  • Monitoring 
  • Power Plant Controller (PPC)


Image source: ecoprime Italia

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