Innovative Agri-PV project in Amance with 2.4 MWp

The Amance project is an experimental solar farm that covers 3 hectares of land dedicated to large-scale crops such as soya, wheat, and canola. The farm is equipped with TSE's "agricultural canopy" that consists of a large shade structure fitted with rotating solar panels fixed on cables 5 metres above the fields. This project aims to increase the production of solar energy by between 10% and 20% compared to conventional solar farms by optimizing the tracking algorithm of the photovoltaic modules based on weather conditions. meteocontrol assisted with the technical design and integration of various data sources (mechanical sensors, agricultural sensors) via external SCADA to the VCOM, as well as performing on-site commissioning.

With a power output of 2.4 MWp, this solar farm can meet the electricity needs of around 1,350 inhabitants. For more than ten years, the farm has been facing very hot and dry summers. Therefore the farmer wanted to install an agricultural canopy, which reduces evapo-transpiration and lower the temperature under the shade during the summer. meteocontrol is measuring and processing solar and agricultural data to optimize the yields of the PV system, ensure its reliable operation, and collect research data.

System Data

  • Location: Amance, France
  • Completion: 2022:
  • Installed Power: 2.4 MWp


  • Monitoring system
  • Hardware solution DEIE
  • integration of various sources of data (mechanical sensors, agri sensors) via external SCADA to the VCOM
  • Technical design of the PV monitoring
  • Commissioning on site

Image: © TSE


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