Power analyzers

Power analyzers are used for the measurement and calculation of electrical variables such as voltage, current, power, energy, harmonics etc. in electrical installations. The measurement results can be displayed, stored, read out and further processed via the device's interfaces.

power analyzer UMG 512-PRO
power analyzer UMG 604-E PRO
power analyzer UMG96-RM-EL

Energy Meter

The energy meter offers all the essential measurement functions (for example, current, voltage and energy) that are needed for monitoring three-phase electrical installations.


Current transformer

The compact, splittable current transformer type KUW is ideally suited for retrofitting as the primary circuit does not have to be disconnected for installation. The split core current transformer is available with a secondary current of 1 A and 5 A and can therefore be used universally for energy meters and power analyzers with transformer measurement.

current transformer type KUW