Grid Code Compliance (GCC) Engineering Services

Successful grid integration of pv plants with professional engineering services from meteocontrol

The grid integration of commercial and industrial photovoltaic systems at the low and medium voltage level, but especially the compliance with grid connection requirements for PV power plants with feed-in at the high voltage level is crucial for the project success of many project developers, EPC companies and operators. With the Grid Code Compliance Engineering Services we ensure the compliance of your pv plant controller.

The Power Plant Controller (PPC) based on the controller blue'Log XC enables the implementation of a highly efficient power plant control system with a wide range of functions for reliable plant operation. Already in the planning phase, project-specific engineering and many years of experience in the field of park control are key and guarantee a successful compliance verification procedure.

Your benefits

  • Time and cost savings in project certification and compliance testing (defined control behaviour already in the planning phase for commercial and industrial photovoltaic systems and pv power plants
  • Support in obtaining the final operational notification (FON) through evidence of compliance for the pv plant controller.
  • Increased transparency and investment security from planning to operation


  • Project-specific controller tuning
  • Dry-testing with validated controller simulation model
  • Compliance testing in reliance to Network Code (NC) Requirements for Generators (RfG) / EU regulation 2016/631
  • Comprehensive consulting on grid integration for PV systems of any size worldwide

Project-specific controller tuning

Whether highly dynamic Zero Feed-In for PV self-consumption systems or reactive power control of solar power plants with improved response time requirements – through project-specific controller tuning, the controller blue'Log XC guarantees the required dynamics already in the planning phase.

The harmonization of all dead times in the system enables a precise adjustment of the control behaviour and makes time-consuming, manual controller tuning in the field (trial-and-error) no longer necessary.

Site Acceptance Tests (SAT)

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Our long-term experienced engineers provide optimal support during project certification by coordinating and performing conformity tests agreed with the grid operator in advance.

The type and scope of the so-called Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) differ from market to market and often depend on the plant size (installed capacity) and voltage level.

Compliance testing

From standardized functional tests to project-specific compliance test procedures and compliance test reports we offer customized services for the verification of pv power plant control. Market-specific and contractual agreements between grid operator and connected party (owner) can be taken into account on a project-specific basis.