Module Testing

Early identification of defective solar modules and measurement of module performance

Intact solar modules with maximum performance play a key role in assuring the yield of your PV system. Using high-precision measuring equipment and proven testing methods, our experts inspect your modules for weaknesses and determine their actual performance – on-site and in our laboratory. As a result, defects are identified and rectified before a project is completed and you achieve the forecasted energy yield.


Your benefits

  • Assurance of forecasted energy yield through identification of defective solar modules
  • Risk mitigation by module tests following delivery and installation
  • Prevention of dismantling/transport damage due to on-site module measurement
  • Report to prove warranty claims to the manufacturer



  • Recognition of deficiencies and defects on the basis of temperature differences
  • Localization of inactive cell areas, short circuits in the solar cell structure, defective soldering 
    and bypass diodes
Performance measurement

  • Measurements on site and in the lab
  • Recording of a current-voltage characteristic curve and documentation of the maximum power point (MPP) of a module
  • Determination of average actual module performance and early recognition of possible inconsistencies
  • Detection of defective modules
Low light

  • Recording of a current-voltage characteristic curve at defined irradiance intensities
  • Representative curve profile of the solar module’s efficiency levels on the basis of irradiance intensity
  • Analysis of the determined curve profiles
Electroluminescence measurement

  • Measurements on site or in the lab
  • Identification of defects in the solar cell structure, e.g. micro-cracks, inactive sections and screen printing errors