Zero Feed-In

100 % self-consumption guaranteed.

PV grid integration made enormous progress in recent years and grid-friendly plant controls were implemented in national and international grid codes. Still specific markets introduced export limitation schemes due to continuous increase in PV penetration.

In these markets (e.g. South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom or Spain) grid operators oblige system operators to equip the PV system with a technical device which either ensures a pre-determined electricity feed-in below the agreed export capacity or guarantees that there is no electricity fed into the public grid at any time.


  • Highly dynamic zero watt closed-loop control
  • Phase-related control
  • Back-up disconnection (Automatic grid disconnection)
  • Integrated solution for mixed parks thanks to inverter manufacturer independence
  • Wide interface and inverter protocol variety
  • Regular, continuous software updates
  • Graphical user interface to support commissioning
  • Dry-testing with validated controller simulation model
  • Certified product characteristics (certificate no. 20322-1-CER, 20322-2-CER)

Your benefits

  • Reliable grid code compliance thanks to sophisticated control topology
  • High flexibility in system design and PV system technology
  • Suitable for mixed PV systems with different inverter types
  • Future-proof solution due to regular feature and compatibility updates (inverters, sensors, meters, etc.)
  • Quick and easy commissioning with convenient, user-friendly system
  • Increased transparency and investment security from planning to operation
certification mark_cere 20322-1-CER, 20322-2-CER

Certified compliance

The solution Zero Feed-In based on the controller blue'Log XC is certified according to the Royal Decree in force in Spain for the regulation of administrative, technical and economic conditions of self-consumption of electrical energy (RD 244/2019).

The electrical characteristics and functions of the controller were measured according to RD 244/2019 and successfully awarded with a product certificate by the independent, accredited certification body Certification Entity for Renewable Energies, S.L. (CERE).

The requirements according to RD 244/2019 for the dynamics and reliability of the controller to ensure full PV self-consumption are at the highest level by international standards, enabling the controller blue'Log XC to meet a wide range of grid connection requirements.

Matching generation and demand

When the balance between generation and consumption reaches a point where the PV system might export more than the agreed export capacity, blue’Log XC de-rates the PV inverters and curtails their active power output.

The controller is sending active power setpoint commands within a highly dynamic zero watt closed-loop control and matches the power output limit of the PV system to the actual customer power demand.

Dynamic export limitation

No matter if weather-related fluctuations in PV generation or sudden load changes, the feed-in of excess PV power will automatically be reduced to the agreed export capacity.

The continuous measurement of the active power at the grid connection point and the high-performance plant control of the blue’Log XC makes it possible to realize PV power plants with almost 100 % self-consumption.

Manufacturer independence

Mixed park or heterogeneous portfolio – with the all-in-one driver of the blue’Log X-Series you can meet the requirements of a high protocol variety with a maximum level of flexibility.

Regular updates will continuously expand the compatibility of your system – for a sustainable, future-proof solution.

User friendly

Parameterizing instead of programming.

The graphical user interface of the blue’Log XC will guide you intuitively through commissioning and requires no programming knowledge.

Thanks to the clear user interface and the industry-specific menu structure, you can easily and quickly comply with even complex grid connection regulations by parametrizing the blue’Log XC.

Remote Monitoring with VCOM

The VCOM (Virtual Control Room) provides an extensive set of functions for data analysis, alarming and reporting using measurements at the plant location and satellite irradiance data.

Visualization of the self-consumption ratio allows a daily, monthly, yearly or user-defined analysis of the zero feed-in control quality.