The controller blue'Log XC is the key to improved grid integration of PV systems and thus reliably guarantees the grid connection. With extensive functions for active and reactive power management, grid-friendly feed-in is ensured and enables the PV system to provide ancillary services for grid stability. The scalability of the plant control based on the blue'Log XC allows flexible use of the controller from the low-voltage to the high-voltage level.


  • Highly dynamic closed-loop control
  • Precise control of active and reactive power at the grid connection point
  • Wide interface and inverter protocol variety
  • Integrated solutions for mixed parks thanks to manufacturer independence
  • Graphical user interface to support commissioning
  • Dry-testing with validated controller simulation model
  • Certification for Germany according to VDE-AR-N 4110/4120 (Certificate No. CC-GCC-TR8-04867-2)
  • Certification for Spain according to NTS EU 2016/631 (Certificate No. 21640-1-CER) and NTS P.O.12.2 SENP (Certificate No. 21640-2-CER)
  • Certification for Poland according to Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/631 (Certificate No. 230390-CER)

Your benefits

  • Compliance with national and international grid codes
  • High flexibility in system design and PV system technology
  • Suitable for mixed PV systems with different inverter types
  • Future-proof system due to regular feature and compatibility updates (inverters, sensors, meters, etc.)
  • Reduction of commissioning costs due to quick and easy configuration
  • Increased transparency and investment security from planning to operation

Certified compliance

Germany: Certification in accordance with VDE-AR-N 4110/4120 (Certificate No.: CC-GCC-TR8-04867-2)

The controller blue'Log XC is certified according to the Technical Connection Rules for medium voltage (VDE-AR-N 4110) and high voltage (VDE-AR-N 4120) valid in Germany.

The electrical characteristics and functions of the controller were measured according to FGW TG3 and successfully awarded with a component certificate by the independent, accredited certification body DNV GL Renewables Certification according to FGW TG8.

The simulation model validated according to FGW TG4 can be used for system certification in order to evaluate the control behaviour of the active and reactive power control already in the planning phase.

Spain: Certification according to NTS EU 2016/631 (Certificate No. 21640-1-CER) and NTS P.O.12.2 SENP (Certificate No. 21640-2-CER)

The blue'Log XC is certified for Spain and therefore complies with all grid connection regulations for the islands (NTS SENP) and the mainland (NTS SEPE).

Poland: Certification in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/631 (Certificate No.: 230390-CER)

Similar to other European countries, plant controllers in Poland must also fulfil certain standards in accordance with EU requirements. The blue'Log XC is certified for Poland.

Active power management

Whether grid safety management to avoid grid bottlenecks or ensuring complete self-consumption (Zero Feed-In), the controller blue’Log XC contributes to system security with its flexibly configurable active power management.

Selected functionality

  • Active power curtailment to fixed / variable setpoint
  • Interface for grid operator and third party (solar power trading)
  • Ramp rate for active power output increase and decrease
  • Soft start
  • Fast stop

Reactive power management

By participating in static voltage maintenance, more PV systems can be integrated into existing grids. The targeted supply of reactive power is thus an essential component of the grid integration of renewable energies.

The blue’Log XC helps to actively maintain the voltage with its comprehensive reactive power management and thus significantly improves grid stability.

Selected functionality

  • Fixed setpoint control of reactive power or power factor cos φ
  • Characteristic curve control cos φ (P), cos φ (V), Q (P), Q (V), Q (tan φ)
  • Ramp rate for reactive power supply increase and decrease
  • Reactive power compensation beyond feed‑in operation (at night)

Real-time analysis

The plant control can be analyzed in real-time on the controller itself and on the basis of historic measurement values with the help of VCOM or through the use of a wide range of data export options.


Parameterizing instead of programming.

The graphical user interface of the blue'Log X-Series will provide you with optimal support during commissioning and requires no programming knowledge on your part.

Thanks to the clear user interface and the industry-specific menu structure, you can easily and quickly comply with even complex grid connection regulations by parametrizing the controller blue’Log XC.

Manufacturer independence

No matter whether you are talking about a mixed park or a heterogeneous portfolio – with the all-in-one driver of the blue'Log X-Series you can meet the requirements of high protocol variety with a maximum level of flexibility.

Regular updates will continuously expand the compatibility of your system – for a sustainable, future-proof solution.

Transparency right from the start

Certified power plant characteristics of the controller blue’Log XC and the provision of simulation models as required ensure greater transparency in the grid integration of your PV system. This reduces the risk already in the planning phase.

Grid conformity thus becomes a calculable factor and guarantees you a smooth approval procedure when connecting to the grid.

  • RMS simulation model: MATLAB/Simulink, PowerFactory or PSS/E on request
  • Certification: Component certificate PGS controller acc. VDE-AR-N 4110 & 4120