DAL finances Draisdorf-Eggenbach solar park with a total capacity of 20 MWp.

  • A further DAL project from the Centre of Excellence for Infrastructure & Supply of the German Savings Banks Finance Group (Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe) with funding in accordance with German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)
  • Solar park in Bavaria with a total of 55,000 modules on a total area of 18.6 hectares

Mainz, May 2022

DAL Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing GmbH & Co. KG (DAL) is supporting the acquisition of the Draisdorf-Eggenbach solar park for its client 7C Solarparken AG – one of Europe's leading operators of solar parks. The project was built and planned by IBC Solar AG, with meteocontrol acting as a technical advisor for the financing.



The construction of the PV project in the Bavarian district of Lichtenfels was over a total area of 18.6 ha, divided into four sections. The plant in the Bavarian district of Lichtenfels went online in autumn 2021. A total of 54,016 solar modules were installed, generating a total yield of around 21 million kilowatt hours of electricity. The energy is enough to supply around 6,100 households with electricity, while the total output of the plant is nearly 20 MWp and the average fixed feed-in tariff is 51 euros/MWh. However, since the feed-in tariff is composed of the market price plus the market premium, the operator benefits in the short term from the market prices which is currently higher.

Bayreuth-based 7C Solarparken AG generates solar electricity and focuses on solar parks in Germany that benefit from statutory feed-in tariffs. With the 20 MWp solar park, the Bayreuth-based company acquires the largest solar park in the company's history to date.

The project financing was structured and arranged by DAL together with experts from Deutsche Leasing Finance GmbH, including KfW loans.


Clemens Robert, Head of Finance 7 C Solarparken:

"We are delighted about the successful and very speedy completion with DAL. The financing parameters allow for solid economic operation of the plant and we received excellent support. It is important that the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe actively and professionally supports regional energy transition projects."


Dr Peer Günzel, Head of Sales, DAL:

"The current discussions regarding energy supplies from Russia show how important it is to rapidly expand the energy transition in Germany. Becoming more independent from fossil fuels and expanding access to renewable energies and storage facilities is an important component of our future viability as a business location. We are pleased that we were able to support 7C Solarparken with customised project financing. As a financing partner for renewable energy projects in Germany and selected European countries, we are making an important contribution on the journey to achieving the previously mentioned independence and climate neutrality, which we are very happy to support as a financing partner."


7C Solarparken. The listed 7C Solarparken AG (hereinafter referred to as 7C Solarparken) from Bayreuth is an independent owner/operator of renewable energy plants with a focus on solar parks. The company currently owns a total portfolio of around 344 MWp – the majority of the assets are located in Germany (<90 %), primarily in Saxony and Bavaria. The smaller portion is in the target market Belgium.

The company's own plant portfolio is set to be expanded to a total of 525 MWp by the end of 2024. The 7C Solarparken Group focuses on the acquisition and operation of photovoltaic plants and their sites, with ongoing optimisation of the plants as well as management of PV plants (O&M service provider).


meteocontrol. With experience of more than 2,800 yield assessments, meteocontrol holds a leading position as a technical consultant in the inspection and assessment of solar parks. The company has been involved in technical inspections and technical due diligence in more than 900 projects worldwide and has provided advice for projects with a total output of around 25 GWp.

meteocontrol is also one of the largest independent monitoring providers and monitors around 55,000 PV systems worldwide with an output of more than 21 GWp.


DAL Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing GmbH & Co. KG DAL is one of the leading specialists in the realisation of large-volume, asset-based investment projects, with an accompanied transaction volume of over EUR 2.3 billion per year. As the Sparkassen's Centre of Excellence for Energy, DAL provides its customers with access to the financing power of a strong and reliable financial group. DAL structures and arranges the financing of large-scale renewable energy projects in Germany and selected European countries.