Christmas donation to "LICHTBLICKE e.V."

Robert Pfatischer (meteocontrol) presents the donation to Mr. Thomas Kleist (LICHTBLICKE e.V.)

Managing Director Robert Pfatischer presents the check to Thomas Kleist, Managing Director of "LICHTBLICKE e.V."

Managing Director Robert Pfatischer presented the check in the amount of €3,000 to Thomas Kleist, Managing Director of "LICHTBLICKE e.V.". Thomas Kleist thanked for the donation and explained the fields of activity of his organization. The association was founded by parents whose children suffer from cancer and by employees of the Augsburg children clinic. It is financed from donations and membership fees.

The main areas of activity the organization focuses on are accompanying children and parents during their time in the clinic, supporting parents financially and optimizing care and technical equipment at the oncological ward. In addition, "LICHTBLICKE e.V." is also committed to promoting cancer research and raising public awareness of the disease.