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Our core mission is to efficiently manage and optimize renewable energy projects.

Everything in one place: Discover mc Assetpilot, your all-in-one solution for financial asset management in renewable energy projects. Streamline planning, financing, and project management with ease. mc Assetpilot can help asset owners gain insights to ensure smooth operations and maximize commercial success. The efficient management of documents, contacts, and detailed financial overviews save you valuable working time – and money too.

Use solar power around the clock: The Hybrid Energy Management System (Hybrid EMS) is central to our efforts to seamlessly integrate multiple energy sources. It manages the energy flow between power generating systems, storage, and consumers, in particular for systems that combine solar energy and batteries. Hybrid EMS makes it possible to use and store renewable energy more efficiently, enabling you to use it when you actually need it.

Always up-to-date: Our core products VCOM and blue'Log play a central role in the control and monitoring of renewable energy systems. Our in-house developers are constantly working on improvements and new features. Discover what's new and what's coming soon.

Learning never ends: meteocontrol Academy provides you with practice-oriented knowledge about our products. Register for training courses conveniently and flexibly, participate remotely, and revisit the content as often as you need. Our experts have structured the course content in such a way that you can apply it directly to your individual use case.

Discover the future of renewable energies with us.

mc Assetpilot

A comprehensive platform for optimizing your system portfolio: mc Assetpilot is a cloud-based software for the financial management of renewable energy systems and portfolios, encompassing solar, wind, or battery storage. The unique combination of functions enables you to take your financial performance to the next level and automate small tasks. You can monitor, manage and boost the financial performance of your assets throughout their entire life cycle – from system planning and fundraising through to operation and power plant refurbishment.

Asset managers confronted with a growing portfolio can depend on mc Assetpilot to boost their productivity. Involve your team, assign assets and tasks, and sync your bank accounts. If you already use VCOM, you can also feed operational data into your financial models without having to wait for your O&M reports.


  • Maintain a financial overview of all your investments at all times, even across large and diverse portfolios
  • Secure and improve your return on investment
  • Optimize cashflows
  • Create customized financial models
  • Integrate the platform with other meteocontrol products
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Boost your efficiency in the solar industry with VCOM CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). Our application, specially developed for the photovoltaic industry, offers a comprehensive solution for accelerating processes and optimizing data management.

Do you spend too much time handling faults in your PV power plants? Use VCOM CMMS to digitize and automate your workflows. With customizable templates, reports, and all-in-one master data management for your documents, VCOM CMMS helps you to manage your assets, documents and work orders more efficiently.

And the best thing about it? VCOM CMMS is fully integrated into the VCOM Cloud, allowing you to seamlessly switch from your existing VCOM (Virtual Control Room) environment to CMMS.

CMMS is also one of the first products to benefit from VCOM Automation

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VCOM Features

VCOM Automation

For O&M, an important KPI is the number of systems and installed capacity that an employee can monitor. With VCOM Automation, tasks can be digitized and automated, making your O&M processes more efficient and scalable. Every task you automate allows you to monitor additional systems and increase your revenue. At the same time, VCOM Automation allows you to get the most out of CMMS and automatically create and send tickets and work orders.

  • Optimize your O&M processes
  • Avoid repetitive tasks
  • Set up once and reap the benefits

New: Automatic yield loss calculations

  • Many systems connected to the grid are regularly curtailed.
  • Calculating each curtailment and the associated losses is time-consuming.
  • With VCOM Automation, you no longer have to manually trigger yield loss calculations.

Coming soon: Automatic ticket creation

  • If you use our Smart Alarms, you’re already aware of the benefits of alarm cascading and the autopilot function for closing alarms that have been resolved.
  • Set up automatic ticket generation for the alarms of your choice.
  • Important problems are handled directly – without delay.

New features


Coming soon: New features VCOM CMMS

Time tracking

Tracking KPIs relating to work carried out at your sites is integral to the digitalization of maintenance and repair.
With the time tracking feature in the O&M app, you can now easily document which orders require special effort.

Shared working with the O&M App

PV systems are getting larger, making maintenance and repair work increasingly complex. This means that several technicians are often involved in carrying out tasks on site. With shared work in the O&M app, multiple professionals can now simultaneously complete, log, and finalize work orders.


Know what is important

The performance ratio (PR) calculation allows you to adjust many parameters to account for the effects of weather, seasons, degradation, and regulations. Contractual and technical requirements often make it necessary to adjust and analyze the PR calculation with regard to certain parameters.

It’s now possible to store several PR configurations in VCOM and compare the results. This empowers stakeholders, investors, and O&M managers with the data they need to evaluate performance and take action to increase efficiency.

VCOM Battery monitoring

State of charge and more

Efficient battery monitoring is essential for documenting system performance and safeguarding your investment.

Battery operators need clear statistics at a glance to gain insights into the battery system.

Whether you have a pure battery system or a hybrid system, you need access to values such as:

  • State of Health (SOH)
  • State of Charge (SOC)
  • Battery temperature
  • Number of full cycles
  • and more

These values allow you to see whether the system is operating as expected and to assess whether aspects such as degradation of battery capacity are behaving in accordance with the product specification.

mc already provides central battery monitoring functions and will continue expanding them throughout 2024. 

What’s on the roadmap:

  • Pure storage systems and hybrid PV/storage systems
  • Integration in VCOM applications
    • Smart alarms
    • CMMS
    • Automation
    • KPIs
  • blue'Log® XC – Hybrid EMS Integration

Reliable grid integration worldwide

blue’Log XM / XC extensions

Whether new or existing plant, commercial or utility, the blue'Log XM / XC is the solution for your project. We have expanded the functionality with new features. Look forward to more information security, better usability and more flexibility.

Countries are increasingly integrating decentralized plants for power generation from renewable energies. Therefore, a central point in the further development of the controller blue'Log XC are the country-specific grid codes. These standards partly require certifications of the components used and special requirements for the power control. We are continuously working on expanding the required functionality to ensure reliable control and grid integration worldwide.

Hybrid EMS - Hybrid Energy Management System

Orchestrate the future of renewables

The market for hybrid energy systems is currently experiencing impressive growth. We have the solutions you need. For scenarios that connect renewable energy generation systems and battery storage, one key component plays a crucial role: the hybrid energy management system (HEMS). The HEMS takes on the complex task of regulating the energy flow within the system.

With the "HEMS license blue'Log® XC", a software extension for the blue'Log® XC, you can optimize your energy production and consumption based on your individual needs and the requirements of the local grid connection. With our advanced HEMS solution, you will be able to fully utilize the potential of your system and ensure an efficient flow of energy. Because that’s what counts in the future of energy supply. The business cases for HEMS at a glance:

  • PV self-consumption
  • Zero feed-in
  • Band shaving (e.g. peak shaving)
  • Energy trading
  • Setpoint control
  • Reactive power control

Power control

International compliance

Known as a power plant controller in Europe, the blue'Log® XC ensures grid-compliant feed-in. With the completion of certification for Poland, the controller is now certified for Germany, Spain and Poland.

However, the blue'Log is not only available in countries with the necessary certificate: it can be used worldwide. If a country is not yet covered, please contact us and we will be happy to check the requirements of the respective country or network operator. 

The blue'Log® XC power plant controller for grid-compliant feed-in is already being used in over 97 countries worldwide.

Cyber security

For energy-generating systems, the requirements for information security and cyber security are constantly changing. Given that the blue'Log® is an integral part of this critical infrastructure, these topics hold significant importance at meteocontrol. Consequently, we consistently implement measures to secure our products and the devices connected to them.

In December 2023, we were successfully certified in accordance with IEC 62443-4-1, the foundation for a secure development process.

On the product end, we are already incorporating features and adjustments to increase cyber security on a regular basis. For example, we support the logical separation of networks on-site in order to mutually secure communication with network operators, connected devices, and the Internet. We use VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) combined with physically separate networks. A local firewall provides additional protection for these logical networks.

Documentation revamp

mc Help Center & release notes

We are constantly striving to provide top-notch support and resources for you. That's why we've enhanced our documentation with our new mc Help Center and release notes experience.

The mc Help Center is a centralized hub for comprehensive documentation of our major products. Here you'll find overviews and how-to articles on numerous topics, including our latest features, as well as deep dives into expert topics. Whether you're a seasoned user or just getting started, our Help Center is designed to guide you to the topics you need with speed and ease.  Navigate to the Help Center from the web interface of our products and type in your query. Don't forget to let us know how we can continue to support you on your journey.

Have you seen our release notes?

Find out about our newest features and optimizations for VCOM and blue'Log, presented in a user-friendly design. You can view the release notes in the VCOM footer (under What's new?) and in the blue'Log footer whenever a new firmware update is available. 

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meteocontrol Academy

Interested in expanding your understanding of our products and solutions? meteocontrol is pleased to provide assistance through the meteocontrol Academy. Book customized training courses directly or watch video tutorials – choose the most convenient option for your needs.

All course content is prepared by our experts in such a way that you can use it directly for your use case. In addition to our digital service, you can continue to book training courses in Augsburg, Berlin or at your location.

The training platform is a cloud-based solution which provides training courses for meteocontrol products and solutions. You can book training courses or participate directly via the platform. You can also use it to manage your bookings and download your certificates of attendance. 

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