"Ravenna Park" retrofit

Retrofit 2017

Ravenna Park with 7.72 MWp was installed near Bologna in 2011. Working together with the plant constructor (EPC) Apollon s.r.l., meteocontrol retrofitted monitoring hardware and integrated it into the VCOM portal on location. Marco Borneo, Technical Manager at Apollon s.r.l., explained: “The data loggers from meteocontrol are an effective all-in-one solution for the Italian secondary market.”


System data

Location: Italy

Completion: 2011

Installed power: 7.72 MWp                                                   


  • Upgrading to the meteocontrol system
  • Integration into the VCOM portal
  • WEB’Log PRO unlimited with Nidec/Answer Drive driver
  • Importing data from Answer Drive and from Solargate SCBs

Image source: Apollon s.r.l.


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