Efficient financial asset management: meteocontrol introduces new product “mc Assetpilot” at Smarter E Europe 2024

meteocontrol GmbH, a leading provider of energy and asset management solutions in the renewable energy sector, announces the introduction of its latest product, "mc Assetpilot," at this year's Smarter E Europe in Munich. Under the motto "Your assets under control," trade fair visitors can get an exclusive insight into the comprehensive platform for financial asset management of renewable energy projects from June 19 to 21, 2024, at booth B5.210.

Customer benefits in focus
The mc Assetpilot offers a solution that helps plant operators effectively manage the financial tasks and responsibilities in the area of financial asset management and optimize their processes. Users of the cloud-based platform receive clear financial insights, recognize potential issues early, and can easily manage documents and contacts. It is suitable for both individual projects and large portfolios. The mc Assetpilot is aimed at companies that are new to financial asset management as well as experienced asset managers looking to increase team efficiency and reduce manual workloads.

Tailored solutions for practical use

  • Centralized Management: The mc Assetpilot consolidates administrative tasks into a central platform, reducing the need for multiple tools and minimizing errors.
  • Efficient Processes: Automation of small tasks and quick team integration lead to a significant reduction in manual effort.
  • Improved Financial Performance: The platform supports the creation of customized financial models, monitoring cash flows, and optimizing return on investment.
  • Comprehensive Overview: Asset managers maintain an overview of the status of all assets, even in large and mixed portfolios, and can manage financial performance effectively and efficiently.

Dr. Stijn Stevens, CTO and Managing Director at meteocontrol, explains: "The mc Assetpilot is a significant advancement for asset managers who face daily challenges in financial management. Our solution provides a central platform that allows maximizing financial performance, eliminating structural inefficiencies, and significantly reducing the workload."

Innovative features for maximum efficiency
The mc Assetpilot stands out with its comprehensive features specifically tailored to the needs of the renewable energy industry:

  • Improve return on investment: Through detailed financial models and optimized cash flows, the platform helps secure and increase return on investment.
  • Efficient document and contract management: All relevant documents and contracts can be managed centrally and clearly, significantly improving efficiency.
  • Seamless integration: The mc Assetpilot integrates seamlessly with other meteocontrol products such as VCOM Cloud, VCOM CMMS, and blue’Log®, offering a unified and comprehensive solution.

Test phase and market Launch
Numerous meteocontrol customers are already testing the mc Assetpilot under real conditions. The final market launch is planned for July 1, 2024. Interested customers can contact the meteocontrol sales teams now to test the mc Assetpilot in advance.

Rouven Lenhart, Executive Vice President at meteocontrol, adds: "With the mc Assetpilot, we offer our customers a powerful and user-friendly solution to meet the challenges of financial management in the renewable energy sector. We create a seamless connection between the technical requirements of portfolio management and the commercial needs. Our goal is to help our customers make their projects more efficient and maximize their investments."

Launch event and live product demo at Smarter E Europe 2024
On June 19, 2024, at 10:00 AM, a launch event with a public product demo will take place at the meteocontrol booth at Smarter E Europe. Interested visitors are invited to attend this event and learn about the new features of the platform.

Visit meteocontrol at Smarter E Europe at booth B5.210
In line with the motto "Your assets under control," meteocontrol invites all visitors to Smarter E Europe 2024 to stop by booth B5.210 and discover the latest solutions from the company.