meteocontrol continues its growth trajectory

meteocontrol GmbH on course for continued growth. The provider of independent PV monitoring systems heads into the new year with a new management structure, expertise focussed in four business units, in addition to reinforced and expanded existing products and services. At the same time, the Augsburg-based company with its international subsidiaries continues to rely on high quality. This strategy has proven effective: the number of photovoltaic systems monitored by the VCOM Cloud, meteocontrol’s monitoring and portfolio management platform, now numbers 50,000.

meteocontrol is starting to play an increasingly important role in the global photovoltaic market, thanks to increasing international project success with well-known customers and key photovoltaic stakeholders. The company has now reached a further milestone with 50,000 PV systems being monitored by its VCOM Cloud monitoring and portfolio management platform. "We are thrilled about the trust and confidence our customers have placed in us. We have set up the VCOM Cloud to respond to the needs of our customers and are constantly enhancing it. The success of our monitoring platform confirms that our approach using high-quality products and services is the right one, even if the competition and price pressure in the sector are great," explains Tobias Brüser, Head of Product Management Cloud Applications at meteocontrol.

Global leader in the monitoring and feed-in management of PV systems

meteocontrol is one of the world's leading developers and providers of independent monitoring and control systems for photovoltaic portfolios of all sizes. The total monitored output is around 18 GWp. As a pioneer in solar power forecasting, meteocontrol has grown continuously and, with 180 employees, is a global company with subsidiaries across the globe. The company calculates reliable solar power forecasts for Europe’s largest grid operators and energy suppliers and plant operators around the world. To date, it has provided consulting services and expert reporting on projects with a total investment volume of over €14 billion.

"We accept the challenges we face today and recognize them as an opportunity," explains Chris Liu, Managing Director of meteocontrol. "They help us to remain innovative and thus future-proof. Our aim is to keep meteocontrol in fit shape to cope with the constantly increasing demands on the world market. This means that we are strengthening our core business, developing new products and services in parallel, and also making further investments." Rouven Lenhart, Executive Vice President, adds: "We are very well positioned and growing in a competitive global environment. In the coming years, we will once again significantly strengthen our global presence." To ensure a flexible position to deal with the company’s planned growth, meteocontrol has pooled its existing knowledge and expertise into four business units, with each managed by long-standing experts from the relevant sector. This repositioning will also reinforce Germany as a driving force for innovation.

meteocontrol heads into the new year with a new management structure and expertise focussed in four business units. (f.l.t.r.: Chris Liu, Rouven Lenhart, Jens Wening, Jonas Riexinger)

Four strong business units

As Executive Vice President, Rouven Lenhart is responsible for the "Sales and Marketing" Business Unit, which manages European and international sales as well as business development, management of the worldwide subsidiaries and global marketing. The "Technics and Operations" Business Unit is led by Executive Vice President Jonas Riexinger. He is responsible for engineering services and technical solutions. Senior Vice President Jens Wening heads up the “Processes & Quality Management” Business Unit and is responsible for the entire purchasing and global supply chain. The "Products and R&D" Business Unit, the core focus of which is on development and product management of the hardware and cloud solutions, as well as forecasts and meteorological data, reports independently to the Executive Board.