The market for hybrid energy systems is expanding rapidly. Energy generation, storage, and consumption technologies are being combined into a single system managed by a central control component.

For scenarios which combine renewable energy production systems and battery storage, this central component is a Hybrid Energy Management System (Hybrid EMS), which orchestrates the complex flow of energy within the system.

The Hybrid EMS from meteocontrol is specifically designed for scenarios combining PV production with battery storage or using standalone battery storage. The Hybrid EMS solution orchestrates the complex flow of energy within your system, ensuring seamless integration with a single grid connection point.

The “HEMS license blue’Log® XC”, is a software extension that enables your blue'Log® XC to optimize your energy generation and consumption based on your needs and local grid connection requirements.


  • PV self-consumption
  • Zero Feed-In
  • Band shaving (e.g. peak shaving)
  • Energy trading
  • Setpoint control
  • Reactive power control

Your benefits

  • Use a maximum of self-produced energy
  • Never inject power into the grid
  • Avoid peak loads and/or power injections to avoid high electricity costs
  • Profit from stock exchange fluctuations
  • Control the system at the grid connection point
  • Enhance voltage stability

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