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Innovative solutions for energy and asset management are the focus of our development to enable 100 percent renewable energy. 

The integration of different energy sources is a key element in this. Energy generators, storage and consumers are combined in a single system managed by a central control component. In scenarios where renewable energy generation systems and battery storage are combined, this central component is a hybrid energy management system (HEMS) that controls the flow of energy within the system. Our solution is specifically aimed at systems consisting of photovoltaic and battery storage connected to a single grid connection point.

We also want to help you gain a simple and transparent overview of your assets, so you can respond quickly to failures and create automated workflows for optimal plant operation. This includes new standard charts, tabular power limit evaluations, and effective reporting capabilities in the Power Plant Controller Dashboard. When your plants are curtailed by grid operators, you can view all relevant information at the grid connection point and track the impact on plant production.

With our Technical Asset Management background, we aim to simplify the planning, financing and management of your renewable energy projects in the future. You will be able to manage your projects more efficiently, identify potential difficulties at an early stage, manage documents as well as contacts effortlessly and have clear financial insights.

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Orchestrate the future of renewables

The market for hybrid energy systems is currently experiencing impressive growth. We offer you the right solutions for this. Particularly in scenarios where renewable energy generation systems and battery storage are linked, one central component plays a crucial role: the hybrid energy management system (HEMS). The HEMS takes on the complex task of regulating the flow of energy within the system.


Through the "HEMS license blue'Log XC", a software extension for the blue'Log XC, you can optimize your energy production and consumption based on your individual needs and the local grid connection conditions. With this advanced HEMS solution, you are able to fully exploit the potential of your plant and ensure an efficient energy flow, which is of great importance for the future of energy supply. The business cases on HEMS at a glance:

  • Solar self-consumption
  • Zero Feed-In
  • Band shaving (e.g. peak shaving)
  • Energy shifting
  • Energy trading
  • Operating reserves
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Increase the efficiency of your work processes in the solar industry with VCOM CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). Our application, specially developed for the photovoltaic industry, offers a holistic solution to accelerate your processes and optimized data management.

VCOM CMMS digitizes and automates the time-consuming post-fault detection processes in PV power plants. With customizable templates and reports, as well as all-in-one document master data management, VCOM CMMS improves both the quality and efficiency of your asset, document and work order management.

And the best part? VCOM CMMS is fully integrated with VCOM Cloud, so you can seamlessly transition from your existing VCOM (Virtual Control Room) tool to CMMS.

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New Features

Power Plant Control Dashboard

New standard diagrams and tabular evaluation of power limitation

The recent growth of the PV market leads to a more complex and challenging grid integration of PV plants. Compared to the market situation a few years ago, plant operators and O&M managers are more often confronted with restrictions of production by grid operators or aggregators to ensure grid stability in power transmission lines or simply to respond to market orders on site.

Therefore, it is important for our customers to have a simple and transparent overview of all power control relevant information in the daily business of plant operation.

For plants that are being curtailed by grid operators, a new Power Plant Controller (PPC) dashboard summarizes all information relevant to power control at the grid connection point and its impact on the plant's production. The dashboard include new standard charts as well as tabular evaluations of the curtailments.

  • All important power control information in one place
  • Keep an overview or dive into the details
  • Yield loss calculation due to curtailment made easy

VCOM Cloud Automation

Coming soon: Digitize and automate tasks

An important KPI for O&M is the number of systems and installed capacity that an employee can efficiently monitor. With VCOM Cloud Automation, tasks can be digitalized and automated, resulting in a major benefit for the efficiency and scalability. Each automated task can increase the number of systems monitored and therefore revenue. At the same time, VCOM Cloud Automation can get the most out of CMMS and automatically create and send tickets and work orders.

  • Streamline your processes
  • Get rid of repetetive tasks
  • Set up once, profit forever

Battery Monitoring

Alarming the state of charge and much more

We are already pushing forward with the development of battery storage system monitoring, next we will introduce a feature to alert the state of charge of a battery. Maintaining the specified SOC range is critical to the health and life of any stationary battery. The new SOC alert is the easiest way to ensure that no event is missed where the state of charge moves outside the acceptable range. This makes it clear when countermeasures need to be initiated.

The alarm details can be used to get an overview of the SOC development on each day the alarm was triggered.

There is much more to come - look out for all battery related news in the VCOM Release Notes!

  • Easily configurable standard alarm
  • Automatic detection of SOC anomalies
  • Managing a major aspect of battery health with ease

Reliable grid integration worldwide

blue’Log XM / XC Extensions

Whether new or existing plant, commercial or utility, the blue'Log XM / XC is the solution for your project. We have expanded the functionality with new features. Look forward to more information security, better usability and more flexibility.

Countries are increasingly integrating decentralized plants for power generation from renewable energies. Therefore, a central point in the further development of the controller blue'Log XC are the country-specific grid codes. These standards partly require certifications of the components used and special requirements for the power control. We are continuously working on expanding the required functionality to ensure reliable control and grid integration worldwide.

Certification for Spain

Compliance with all grid connection regulations for the islands (NTS SENP) and the mainland (NTS SEPE)

The blue'Log XC is certified for Spain and thus verifiably fulfils all grid connection regulations for the islands (NTS SENP) and the mainland (NTS SEPE).

According to EU requirements, a Power Plant Controller must be capable of reacting to frequency changes within two seconds and be capable of adjusting the active power feed-in of the generating system accordingly. However, a reaction time of 500 milliseconds is expected in some EU member states and in mainland Spain. On the Spanish islands, Power Plant Controllers must be capable of responding to frequency changes within just 150 milliseconds.

Certification for Poland

Certificate for used components

As in other European countries, a certificate is required in Poland for the components used. We are therefore currently working on the certification of the controller blue'Logs XC to ensure grid-compliant feed-in in Poland as well.

Frequency Sensitive Mode (FSM) ensures grid stability

Adaptation of the active power as a function of the measured grid frequency

We have added the so-called Frequency Sensitive Mode (FSM) in the blue'Log XC. This mode can also be activated and deactivated via Modbus. In FSM mode, the active power is adjusted depending on the measured grid frequency to ensure grid stability by providing primary control reserves.

Cyber security


even more security

We have also further refined the level of security: With the firewall, you can define which device has access to blue'Log, or connected VLANs.  At the end of 2022, the IP Allowlist was introduced as the first step in this direction, with which you can prevent unknown IP addresses (devices) from accessing via Modbus TCP. All rules from the IP Allowlist are adopted and retained during the firmware upgrade.


Logical separation of plant sections through virtual networks

The growing complexity of systems as well as potential cyberattacks require the logical separation of system parts such as grid operators, devices and the internet. For this purpose, the option of using virtual networks (so-called VLANs) was initially developed. These allow for a physical separation of the networks via a corresponding network switch, as well as the central administration and communication management within these networks via VLANs in blue'Log®.

Practical extensions in blue'Log

Virtual Meter

Solution for systems without extra meter at point of interconnection (POI)

If no meter can be installed at the grid connection point for economic or technical reasons, the meters available on the low-voltage side can be aggregated to form a virtual meter. The measured values of the various meters are added up or averaged accordingly. The virtual meter is monitored like a physical meter and the data can be exported to the VCOM Cloud.

Bumpless Switchover

important at maximum performance

With our new "Bumpless Switchover" feature, it is possible to change the control parameters during ongoing operation while minimizing the associated negative effects on active and reactive power control. The smooth change of control parameters is especially important for large PV plants producing close to their maximum power in order not to negatively influence grid stability.


The fastest connection to the network operators for sure

We have developed the REVOLUTION BOOSTER KIT especially for all project planners and EPCs who want to accelerate their grid connection process. The standardized all-round carefree package consists of our certified Power Plant Controller and is rounded off by our in-house services such as planning and commissioning. It includes a PPC station and a battery backup cabinet. This can buffer the control cabinet (0/4/8 hrs) depending on the bridging time requirement.

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