Reduction of diesel and maintenance costs through the use of solar energy

In regions with inadequate nationwide power grids, Diesel-only systems are often used to ensure that industrial applications are continuously supplied with sufficient energy. Diesel-powered systems constitute the local grid and ensure constant supply to all connected consumers (island grid). However, Diesel systems are also used in regions where grid operators cannot maintain a constant supply for all consumers. In these cases, a practice called load shedding is used. Load shedding means that the grid operator temporarily does not supply consumers with electricity. During these periods, Diesel systems serve as a backup to maintain the local power supply.

Diesel generators constantly require fuel and need regular maintenance, and therefore are often the highest operating cost in such scenarios. Combining Diesel generators with a PV system reduces the need for fuel and maintenance, cutting overall operating costs. The lower electricity production costs of a PV system compared to those of a Diesel system not only mean lower CO2 consumption but lower overall electricity costs as well.


  • Fast and stable control due to permanent measured value feedback of the current parameters
  • Dynamic calculation of the active power control value taking into account the current consumption and PV generation
  • Highly accurate measurement of grid parameters ensures precise control
  • Possibility to combine meters into one virtual meter if consumption and PV generation are recorded with different meters
  • Signal reception and initiation of process switching between diesel mode and normal mode
  • Ensuring a minimum load (e.g. -30%) of the diesel generator output
  • Integrated remote access with TLS encryption
  • End-to-end encrypted configuration and data transmission

Your benefits

  • Environmentally friendly solution for saving fuel and reducing CO₂ emissions
  • Cost reduction due to fuel savings and reduced maintenance of diesel generators
  • High flexibility in system design due to manufacturer independence
  • Usable for PV mixed parks with different inverter types
  • Future-proof solution thanks to regular function and compatibility updates (inverters, sensors, meters, etc.)
  • Quick and easy commissioning in user-friendly system - parameterization instead of programming
  • Diesel generator-friendly operation with PT1 control (no overshooting)
  • Cost-effective solution

Optional services


Expert planning and consulting, including installation plans and documentation.

Remote commissioning

Save time and costs with process optimization and smooth commissioning.

Project-specific controller tuning

Ensure fast reaction times with project specific controller tuning to determine control parameters.