Specially designed for the solar industry – raise the efficiency of your operations & maintenance work processes with our latest application: VCOM CMMS

With VCOM CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), you'll get a holistic solution to speed up your O&M processes. VCOM CMMS is a powerful tool specially tailored for the needs of the photovoltaic industry. As systems and portfolios are expanding and rapid access to information is becoming increasingly important, VCOM CMMS enables you to digitize and automate the time-consuming processes initiated after the fault detection on pv power plants.

VCOM CMMS lets you fully customize your templates and reports and offers an all-in-one place master data administration for all of your documents like contracts, safety instructions, directions and many more. VCOM CMMS is a tool that boosts both the quality and the efficiency of your asset, document and work order management.

If you have already been working with VCOM (Virtual Control Room), there is no need to switch to a new tool: VCOM CMMS is fully integrated in the VCOM Cloud.

description of the VCOM CMMS work process in English
VCOM CMMS visualization on different devices

Fully digitalized workorders

All-in-one place master data administration

Extended VCOM O&M App

Service reports in no time

Your advantage as an O&M manager

  • Create work orders in VCOM Cloud easily
  • Complete digitalization of working processes
  • Faster coordination of internal and external service teams
  • Template generator for individual forms
  • Personalization of service reports for stakeholders
  • Manage recurring events
  • All-in-one platform: no new tool required

Your benefits as a service technician

  • Fully digitalized workorders
  • Direct communication with O&M manager
  • All relevant information available in our O&M App
  • Reporting via O&M App
  • Upload photos and documents easily
  • Faster and more efficient processing of tasks

Your gain as an asset manager

  • Digitalization of workflows
  • Faster exchange of information
  • All-in-one platform
  • Cost reduction in O&M for PV systems
  • Increasing the efficiency of your PV systems
  • Always up to date

Complete work orders from any mobile device

All relevant information for your service work force is available in the VCOM O&M App

blue icon document with bullet points

Details about the work order

blue icon document and picture file

Images and pdf files

VCOM CMMS app on mobile device

blue icon key pad

Plant access information

blue icon shield

Safety information

Download the VCOM O&M App for free

Create service reports in a flash

service report in VCOM CMMS on screen


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Standard templates

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Forms as a service

blue icon checklist

Simple checklists

All-in-one place master data administration

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VCOM CMMS preview on different devices
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