Energy Meter

The energy meter offers all the essential measurement functions (for example, current, voltage and energy) that are needed for monitoring three-phase electrical installations.


Transformer Energy Meter IEM3255 3-Phase MODBUS

Current and voltage transformer connections

Energy Meter IEM3155 3-Phase MODBUS

Direct current measurement of up to 63 A

  • Measuring voltage, current, active and reactive power, as well as active and reactive energy
  • Can be used as a bidirectional meter for measuring grid feed-in and sourcing
  • Multitariff measurement
  • MID approval
  • Pulse output
  • Display (current, voltage and power measurements)
  • Communication via Modbus RTU

UMG604 Power quality analyzer

The UMG604 is a fully-fledged power quality analyseranalyzer incorporating high-quality measuring components.

It can be used to evaluate a wide variety of network parameters and is therefore ideal for active and reactive power control.