Stern Energy opts for monitoring from meteocontrol

Stern Energy S.p.a has reached a decision: The Italian O&M operator of photovoltaic systems will further rely on the monitoring platform of Germany-based meteocontrol GmbH to run operations on its portfolio. 25 MWp of the overall 195 MWp installed power that Stern Energy monitors and operates in Italy are already integrated in VCOM (virtual control room) and therefore can be monitored and controlled by means of the central platform. Stern Energy receives direct, on-site support in the Italian language by meteocontrol Italia S.r.l.  

“We want to provide our customers with optimal systems performance and maximum returns, while working effectively and cost-efficiently,” explains Stefan Torri, CEO of Stern Energy. “That is why we decided to place all the solar parks onto one monitoring platform. The first 25 MWp have already been integrated in the VCOM central monitoring portal and another almost 30 MWp are currently in the project pipeline.”  

With the modular structure of its monitoring solution, meteocontrol offers the best conditions for the implementation thereof. The scalability of the system allows the hardware and software to be adjusted to meet complex park layouts, constantly growing technical requirements and currently applicable standards. “We can also integrate existing systems in the VCOM with a wide range of software solutions and hardware components,” explains Martin Schneider, the Managing Director of meteocontrol. “If it’s necessary to retrofit with hardware, as is partially the case with Stern Energy, the costs are relatively low in comparison to complex operation management with different systems and portal environments.” In addition, bundling all systems onto one monitoring platform creates transparency and comparability, thus enabling the early detection of any hidden errors as well as a prompt response in the event of a disruption.  

“We’re looking forward to having a long-term partnership with meteocontrol. The products and solutions are high-quality and represent state-of-the-art technology. The support and services from meteocontrol provide optimal assistance during implementation. In addition to the ongoing retrofit of the current 13 MWp, we are in the final negotiations with our customers regarding the modification of another 15 MWp,” reports Stefan Torri of Stern Energy.