Power plant controller made by meteocontrol is managing the largest zero-feed-in PV system in Turkey

As a cooperation partner of the Turkish EPC service provider Altungrup Solar Enerji, who is specialized in rooftop solar installations, meteocontrol GmbH has developed the monitoring and control concept for the largest zero-feed-in PV project in Turkey. The 400 kWp rooftop system provides 90 percent of the power needed each day to run the warehouse operated by Reysaş REIT in Antalya. The power plant controller made by meteocontrol manages the inverter's power in response to energy needs: If power production begins to exceed demand, the system is slowed down.

Reysaş REIT is committed to solar energy: The leading provider of warehouses and logistics facilities in Turkey has been installing photovoltaic systems on its warehouses for five years now. In the beginning, the company fed the energy generated by the systems into the Turkish power grid. As a result of grid feed-in regulations, the investor has shifted the focus of newly installed PV systems to solely on-site energy consumption. The first and largest zero-feed-in PV system in Turkey was installed on a warehouse in Antalya. The roof unit erected by Altungrup Solar Enerji as a turnkey solution produces 90 percent of the power the Reysaş GYT warehouse needs to operate each day.

Power plant controller manages zero feed-in

In its role as project partner, meteocontrol supplied the control and monitoring system. The Augsburg-based PV specialist used its own power plant controller, which meets all PV system grid-connection requirements, to perform the grid feed-in management. To implement the grid operator’s signals, the power plant controller measures relevant values at the grid connection point and passes on relevant commands to the inverters. In larger PV systems, a constant comparison of target and actual yields takes place within a closed loop. This job usually involves managing active and reactive power. “Zero feed-in createsa special challenge,” said Martin Schneider, Managing Director of meteocontrol. “No powermay enter the grid – and this is exactly what we've accomplished at Reysaş REIT. Ourpower plant controller manages the inverters so they produce only the amount of powerthe building currently needs.”

Lucrative investment thanks to high on-site energy consumption

The high on-site energy consumption rate of 90 percent has turned the PV system into anattractive investment: It will pay for itself in less than nine years. Power from the grid isneeded only when solar irradiance levels are low: in the morning hours and late in theafternoon. “The PV system in Antalya is a successful flagship project,” said Oray Altun,Managing Director of Altungrup Solar Enerji. “It has been reliably producing power for threemonths now and also covers peaks that occur during the day. Reysaş’s power bill is falling,and the investor couldn't be any happier. “Working together with meteocontrol, we wereable to successfully meet the challenges of this project: The PV specialists planned themonitoring and control system and commissioned it on site. meteocontrol’s monitoringportal gives us an optimal solution to keep an eye on the system and watch over itremotely.”