PV monitoring: TGE and meteocontrol expand their business relationship

The monitoring systems made by meteocontrol GmbH have just achieved their next success: The Italian company TGE S.r.l. is now using the VCOM monitoring portal to control its 102 photovoltaic systems. The O&M provider also plans to integrate other existing systems into the latest portal solution and to equip new systems with meteocontrol hardware and software for its customers.  

TGE currently manages 102 photovoltaic systems with an installed output of about 17,000 kWp under an O&M agreement. To create the most efficient monitoring system possible, the technical operational manager decided to combine all of the solar systems in the VCOM monitoring portal. “Thanks to our long working relationship with meteocontrol, our choice was obvious: We would switch from the previous system to the latest portal solution offered by meteocontrol,” said Davide Forastiere, the Technical Director of TGE. Regardless of their size, components or monitoring systems, solar systems can be integrated with VCOM’s help. Because of this, TGE is planning to add 15 other existing systems to the platform. “The uniform monitoring solution enables us to monitor the entire system portfolio at once and integrate existing or new systems into the portal,” Davide Forastiere said. “The operation management is now much more efficient, and we get the maximum energy yield for our customers.”

VCOM conducts comprehensive analyses and provides overviews that facilitate direct comparison of solar systems in a portfolio. “With the help of a sophisticated alarm system, operation management can react to malfunctions very quickly as well as uncover problems that could result in permanent yield losses,” said Martin Schneider, the Managing Director of meteocontrol, in outlining the strengths of the remote monitoring system. “Our goal is to provide our customers with a portal that is always state of the art. In our efforts to achieve this goal, we are implementing new software features each month and installing the latest security updates to meet all requirements in terms of data security.”  

Both companies are looking forward to the intense working relationship. “With meteocontrol, we have a partner who offers mature product solutions we can trust,” said Davide Forastiere of TGE. “One thing in particular is useful: The local support of meteocontrol Italia.” In addition to O&M services, TGE plans and erects solar systems. The company plans to equip 25 new PV plants with the meteocontrol monitoring system, consisting of data loggers from the blue’Log X series and the VCOM monitoring portal.