Weather Data

Precise weather data for planning and revision of system performance

In cooperation with the University of Oldenburg and Ciemat, high-resolution satellite images are analyzed in order to generate global, diffuse and direct irradiation data for locations all over the world. By utilizing the latest scientific techniques, interpolation methods can be completely forgone. The NCEP reanalysis data enables us to provide accurate temperature data for various geocoordinates all over the world.

Your benefits

  • Assistance regarding location decisions
  • Informed analysis of system performance when buying and selling systems
  • Resource efficiency and reduced costs due to immediate identification of weather condition-related errors
  • Yield losses can be calculated and claimed from insurance
  • Foundation for feed-in tariff compensation claims in case of grid shutdown


  • Average annual values over the last 10 years
  • 5-year average monthly values over the last 5 years
  • Meteorological series are available from the year 1995 independent from location in the following chronological resolutions: 15-minutes, hourly, daily, monthly
  • Subdivision into global, diffuse and direct insolation
  • Translation of the horizontal insolation values to module tilt and angle of the PV system
  • Site related Solar Index for identification of monthly deviations of insolation of a specific year from long-term monthly average.
  • Calculation of average direct insolation
  • Temperature data available on request