Solar Power Forecasting

Accurate solar power forecastings for sites worldwide

As a pioneer in solar grid forecasting and feed-in extrapolation, we provide Europe’s largest grid operators with reliable solar power forecasts - for more than 10 years. Over 21 GWp of monitored power produced by more than 55,000 PV systems are the basis for our representative calculations. Measurement data, satellite images and weather forecasts in the higher gigawatt range flow into our forecasts every day.

Innovation and know-how

Solar power forecasts by meteocontrol

To calculate solar power forecasts meteocontrol relies on a forecast model developed in-house. This model combines several forecasting methods to generate exact projections for individual locations and grid areas around the world.

Satellite-based short-term forecasts

We use cloud-motion forecasts and quarter-hourly Rapid Updates based on satellite data to improve our short-term forecasts.

Global availability

Based on globally available forecasts and weather data we offer an optimal database tailored to every required location.

Hybrid forecast model

The hybrid model offers high precision compared to conventional methods: it combines irradiation forecasts, algorithms for machine learning, statistics and artificial intelligence.

Your benefits

Profit from our unique database. The measurement data of 55,000 systems around the world helps us to prepare the best-possible forecast to meet your needs. Take advantage of the flexibility we offer in terms of data provision (FTP, e-mail, API) and data formats (csv, txt, xml). Thanks to satellite data and persistence forecasts you can profit from our updates up to 96 times a day.

Most exact forecasts

We use machine learning and neural networks to optimize our forecasts. These systems are combined and trained with SCADA data, information from reference systems from our portfolio and the forecasts of highly respected weather services. The result is a separate model for each of your systems.


Grid-based solar power feed-in

We simplify grid operation – with many years of experience, a comprehensive database, forecasts and solar power feed-in extrapolations.


Optimized operating processes

By using our forecasts that are tailored specifically to location and portfolio, you can comply with all requirements set by grid operators and optimize your operating processes.