Yield Reports

Sound yield calculations for planning and evaluating PV systems

Based on highly precise weather and irradiance data we determine the long-term energy yield of your PV system while incorporating local conditions. The reports form the basis for the bank’s financing decision.


Your benefits

  • Faster and simpler financing decision by investors and banks worldwide
  • Reliable forecasting of system performance taking location-specific factors into account
  • Planning certainty for investors due to realistic estimation of expected yields
  • Reliable Yield Reports through validation based on real operating data of more than 45,000 systems


  • Procurement of irradiance data from at least two independent sources (long-term monthly means)
  • Conversion of average monthly values into hourly values using Synthesis processes
  • Taking into account local conditions (e.g. snow and objects causing shading)
  • Specific system configuration is considered
  • Detailed time-step simulations for each subsystem
  • Summary Report
  • Definition of confidence level and P-Quantiles (P50, P75, P90)