Training for portal VCOM

The VCOM portal training provides the necessary information for independent investment scheme within the portal and the efficient use of the extensive analysis-, evaluation- and reporting- functions for the professional monitoring with VCOM.


  • Introduction of meteocontrol GmbH
  • Functional principle of meteocontrols remote monitoring and control system
  • From control center (portfolio) to the cockpit (single system) 
    o   Operation overview
    o   Ticket system
    o   Creation of reports
  • System set-up
  • Portal configuration (e.g. alert management, users)
  • Working with VCOM
  • Theoretical and practical exercises
  • Answers to specific questions of participants

Further information

Target group

  • Installation businesses
  • Specialist businesses
  • PV system operators


  • Maximum number of participants: 15
  • Duration: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Costs: €95 plus VAT / person

Prerequisites for participation

  • Basics of photovoltaic


For a binding registration, please send a message: