Protect your systems

To protect your PV systems from outside access, we continuously work on solutions designed to provide the best-possible IT security. Our products create a very strong line of defense, including encrypted remote access and password-protected access.

We would like to provide you with further support and show you what you can do to increase the IT security of your systems. This is how you can avoid taking unnecessary risks:

  • Do not set port forwarding on your router for remote access. By doing so, you would place your data logger online for public viewing.
  • Close all ports on the router that you do not need.
  • Use a firewall if possible to provide optimal protection to the network of your PV system.
  • Reset the standard passwords of the data loggers as a way of optimally using existing protection options.
  • If you need to use remote access for some reason, you should only use a secure VPN connection to prevent public availability.

We will be happy to provide you with this service through our Connectivity Center and will help your service staff to create a secure and fast remote monitoring system.

  • Annual license for the Connectivity Center: Item number 426.023.