Independent technical evaluation and consultancy before realization of PV projects

Service description

Technical Due Diligence includes the analysis of all system data and influential factors during the planning, construction and subsequent operation phase. We check the technical documentation, contracts and quality assurance concept in terms of content and completeness. We offer advice during contractual negotiations and provide you with valuable decision support. This helps to speed up project progress while safeguarding your investment.


  • Compilation of yield reports and cross-check for system implementation
  • Project evaluation: location, technical components selection, technical system planning
  • Checking technical aspects in EPC and O&M contracts
  • Evaluation of the QA concept
  • Consulting with contract negotiations
  • Technical consulting
  • Presence at on-site meetings

Your benefits

  • Risk mitigation through independent technical analysis of the entire project line-up prior to system construction
  • Assurance of the best possible system configuration based on comprehensive analysis of all components
  • Reduction of contractual risks through technical review of all contracts
  • Long-term protection of investment
  • Comprehensive technical analysis of existing assets prior to purchase and sale


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