Commissioning service for monitoring systems and SCADA for PV projects worldwide

Service description

The growing complexity of the necessary grid feed-in management systems demands close collaboration between grid operators and installers of PV systems. We support you during the Commissioning of Monitoring and SCADA systems in order to ensure the smooth and on-time connection of your PV system to the grid. We also implement the connection to the telecontrol system of the grid operator via IEC 60870-5-101 / 104, DNP3 or Modbus in accordance with project requirements.


  • Consultancy on the grid operator's technical connection conditions
  • Reconciliation with the grid operator
  • Planing of the plant control systems regarding the grid operator's guidelines
  • Selection, configuration and programming of the used components
  • Issue of circuit diagrams and installation plans
  • Documentation
  • Local implementing
  • Assistance during the system's certification by the grid operator

Your benefits

  • Implementation of all normative requirements
    (e. g. requirements imposed by the grid operator, laws on feed-in tariffs)
  • Time and cost effective due to a smooth commissioning process
  • Increased customer satisfaction by using the meteocontrol system control concept “Power Control”
  • Compliance with all legal regulations
  • Coordination with grid operators and certification bodies is handled by project managers in order to ensure on-time commissioning
  • Comprehensive documentation of the commissioning process improves purchase and sales opportunities



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