Your tickets on the go

Regardless of your location, the VCOM O&M App allows you to view and edit the VCOM tickets assigned to you – even offline. Call-outs to system sites can be documented in full by uploading comments and images. At the end, all information is transferred to the VCOM. As a result, staff in the control room are automatically provided with information straight away.

With the app, you always have access to the most important system data such as the location and the contact details. As we have optimized the interface for efficient work in the field, it is particularly suitable for service technicians on call-outs.

The app can be used on smartphones and tablets. In order to use the VCOM O&M App, you just need to be registered in the VCOM and already be using the ticket system.

Editing tickets

You can view the tickets assigned to you in the VCOM O&M App. Once you have accepted a ticket, you can start the on-site work. The description contains the relevant information for troubleshooting and rectifying faults.

Document your work by writing comments and uploading images.

Retrieving system data

The VCOM O&M App gives you permanent access to all important system data. Initiate navigation to the system from the app. Call important system contacts or write e-mails – all via the app.