blue'Log X-Series data loggers gather all data from your PV system and are the central components for net integration. The blue’Log X-Series is also the on-site monitoring interface for the VCOM portal (virtual control room). 

Thanks to its graphical user interface, the data logger can be quickly and simply configured locally on site or from a distance with live remote access via VCOM. The X-Series sets new standards in the areas of safety, installation, maintenance, user friendliness and networking of web portal and data loggers.

With the X-1000, X-3000, X-6000 models, a perfect solution is available for every system size.


  • Central recording and transmission of all system data
  • Plant Control Function
  • Mixed mode inverter operation
  • Manufacturer independence
  • Direct Marketing Interface
  • Live access via VCOM
  • Newest firmware via remote update
  • High security standards
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Modular system

Your benefits

  • Time-saving commissioning with quick-start wizard
  • Time-saving support with live access over a secure connection
  • Future-proof through hardware modularity and regular firmware updates
  • Security thanks to encryption and prepared for future security requirements
  • Lower costs due to mixed mode inverter operation with different manufacturers
  • Better ROI through fulfillment of all regulatory requirements for trading on the electricity market
  • Cost reduction thanks to modular system

Manufacturer independence

No matter whether you are talking about a mixed park or a heterogeneous portfolio – with the all-in-one driver of the blue'Log X series you can meet the requirements of high protocol variety with a maximum level of flexibility.

Regular updates will continuously expand the compatibility of your system – for a sustainable, future-proof solution. 

blue’Log driver data sheets