Know-how on site


The SCADA Center allows technical operation management for PV power plants on site. You can visualize all measured values locally and in real time and, in the event of a fault, react quickly and efficiently. High-quality analyses, power flow diagrams and a smart alarm management system are provided for this purpose. The system has interfaces to data loggers, programmable logic controllers and actuators. In the SCADA Center, you enable actuators and are immediately given visual feedback regarding the status.

The data are stored on an industry server at the facility. This allows operation management and data management regardless of whether a stable Internet connection exists. The system has a modular design: a number of workstations can be connected if required. In order to ensure maximum data security and redundancy, an additional standby server can be installed. The SCADA Center can be used as a standalone solution or in conjunction with the VCOM.


  • Detailed visualization of real-time measured values
  • Alerts allow faults to be identified quickly
  • Power flow diagram – from the string level to the medium / high-voltage connection
  • Single line diagram for the communication structure
  • Enabling actuators with feedback
  • Multiscreen-capable and multilingual user interface (HMI)
  • Redundant long-term data storage on site
  • Local security systems (CCTV / fence control) can be incorporated

Your benefits

  • The recorded data can be used directly on site
  • No Internet connection is required to use the solution on the system
  • High-resolution live values are available (e.g. second interval) for local troubleshooting
  • The user interface can be individually adapted to suit local requirements
  • Multilingualism thanks to a broad range of available interfaces (IEC 60870, IEC 61850, DNP3, OPC etc.)

SCADA Center

The local SCADA solution for monitoring and managing your PV power station