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The VCOM (Virtual Control Room) provides an overview of the performance of your entire system portfolio worldwide – in a straightforward manner and available at any time. In the event of a breakdown, faults are quickly located and can be rectified very efficiently. The web-based user interface can be adjusted exactly to your needs – for each specific workflow.

The most important key performance indicators and error protocols are provided automatically and clearly in the investor overview and the extensive, freely configurable reports.

Our wealth of experience and comprehensive expertise are used to further develop the VCOM all the time. Thanks to monthly software releases, you always benefit from the very latest innovations.

The VCOM is the ideal solution for professional monitoring and efficient technical operation management – for an individual system as well as for a portfolio spread around the world.



  • Cockpit for a system-specific overview
  • Graphical display of the operating status in the individual system plan
  • Ready-made graphics – standardized inverter energy, performance ratio, heat map and many others
  • Comparison of target / actual values – simulation of the target value
  • Use of satellite data if no irradiance sensors are available
  • Operations overview – tabular display of the key performance indicators for all systems
  • Mobile monitoring with iPhone and Android app

Technical operation management

  • Customizable user interface for effective operation management
  • Historical file of all PV systems through use of a ticket system
  • Specific analyses for quick identification of faults
  • Individual configuration of alarm criteria Document management for central storage of information
  • Calendar for coordinating service deployments


  • Individual reporting
  • Investor view with key performance indicators, approved tickets and documents
  • CSV export of all measurement data


  • Compatibility with data loggers from various manufacturers
  • Flexible import interface for developing further compatibilities 


  • Live access to data loggers in the blue’Log® X series
  • Interface (API) for external applications (e.g. Solarfox) 

Your benefits

  • Save money and resources with our optimized and flexible portal solution
  • Take advantage of our wealth of experience when it comes to monitoring PV systems
  • Automated fault analyses save time in the event of a breakdown and maximize the yield of your systems
  • Rely on our top-quality data

VCOM Monitoring App

Our brand-new VCOM Monitoring App ensures you have an eye on the performance of your PV systems – at all times and everywhere. You can now monitor the key performance indicators such as energy and performance ratio and no longer have to do without real-time values when you are on the go.

We bring the high-resolution performance curve to your screen. Regardless of your location. At any time.


The new VCOM O&M app is helpful and practical when working either at the system on site or while on the move. Regardless of your location, you can view and edit the VCOM tickets assigned to you – even offline. Call-outs to system sites can be documented in full by uploading comments and images. At the end, all information is transferred to the VCOM. As a result, staff in the control room are automatically provided with information straight away.

With the app, you always have access to the most important system data such as the location and the contact details. The interface is optimized for efficient work in the field and is therefore particularly suitable for service technicians on assignments.

The app can be used on smartphones and on tablets. In order to use the VCOM O&M app, you must be registered in the VCOM and already use the ticket system.


The VCOM API (Application Programming Interface) is an easy-to-use interface for retrieving data and connecting VCOM to other systems such as ERP-solutions. With the VCOM API, you can retrieve both measurement data and technical data for your systems. The interface also allows access to your tickets.

Discover all the possibilities and example uses in the online documentation.


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