Customized PV power plant control - grid-compliant feed-in thanks to the Power Control solar park concept


Integrating photovoltaic systems in the merchant power segment, ranging up to utility-scale PV power plants, is complex and makes such high demands in terms of system technology that customized solutions are required. Implementation of these solutions at national level in Germany must comply with VDE-AR-N 4105, the BDEW Medium Voltage Directive, VDE-AR-N 4120 and EEG (German Renewable Energy Law) in line with the size of the PV system. At the international level, grid feed-in management is also becoming more significant when it comes to successfully connecting PV systems to the power grid.

The Power Control solar park concept supports both national and international grid codes and thus enables grid-compliant feed-in from PV systems at medium-voltage and high-voltage levels worldwide. The park controller processes defined external target values, calculates the variable quantities in accordance with the reactive power required internally for running PV plant operations, and then transmits this data to the PV inverters. Constant measurement of the parameters at the grid connection point, in combination with a closed control circuit, ensures the precision prescribed by the grid operator in compliance with the permissible setting times. The control of active and reactive power at medium voltage and high voltage can be adapted to the technical specifications of the local grid operators' connectivity requirements. Other important features can be enhanced and customized, for example, hybrid inverter operation, direct marketing, reactive power provisioning at night, the realization of zero feed-in / zero export (0%) or connectivity with the grid operator's remote control and monitoring systems based on telecontrol protocols.


  • Active and reactive power control in a closed circuit
  • Feedback about current actual values measured at the grid connection point
  • Precise control within the limits of the approved setting times
  • Compatible with products from all leading inverter manufacturers
    (see compatibility list for the blue’Log X-Series and WEB’log)
  • Telecontrol protocols IEC 60870-5-101/-104, IEC 61850, DNP3, Modbus, etc.
  • Flexibility in terms of system design and PV system technology

Your benefits

  • Realization of grid connection guidelines at medium-voltage and high-voltage levels
  • Adaptable to fit the technical specifications of the local grid operators' connectivity requirements
  • Compliance with national and international grid codes
  • Easy connectivity with the local operator's remote control and monitoring technology and / or local SCADA systems
  • Reduction of initial commissioning costs due to simpler configuration and services
  • Improved purchasing and resale options thanks to complete and extensive documentation
  • Contribution to better grid stability based on proven feed-in management

Direct marketing in accordance with EEG 2014

Participation in the market bonus model as specified in EEG 2014 (German Renewable Energy Law) requires the provisioning of an interface for communication with the direct marketer. Without impacting the grid operator's feed-in management, the direct marketing interface serves as a Power Control enhancement that enables the direct marketer to control the active power.

Our complete control cabinet solutions

Our Power Control Station and Power Control Station X-Series control cabinet solutions are prewired and can be delivered in customized configurations that fit perfectly in almost any existing system configuration.

Our services

We will gladly support you when implementing Power Control, and we will coordinate the activities of grid operators and certification authorities. We offer planning and commissioning services based on our comprehensive expertise to make sure that your PV system is connected to the grid smoothly and on time.


A list of selected reference projects is available here.

Grid Feed-in Management / Power Control

Customized PV power plant control - grid-compliant feed-in thanks to the Power Control solar park concept


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