The new generation of data loggers: the blue’Log X-Series


The data loggers record all data from your PV system centrally and ensure compliance with the national and international requirements of grid operators as well as any country-specific feed-in regulations according to the size of the system. The new generation results from the continued enhanced development of the WEB’log series and offers valuable new functionality and a flexibly extensible system to also meet the requirements of the future energy landscape. The X-Series sets new standards in areas such as safety, installation, maintenance, usability and networking of web portal and data logger.


  • Central recording and transmission of all system data
  • Live access to the blue’Log® from safer’Sun and VCOM
  • High security standards
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Modular system
  • All-in-one driver
  • Mixed mode inverter operation
  • Power Control Function

Your Benefits

  • Cost reduction thanks to modular system
  • Time-saving commissioning with quick-start wizard
  • Lower capital commitment owing to efficient warehousing: one device to meet every requirement
  • Time-saving support with live access over a secure connection
  • Future-proof through hardware modularity and regular firmware updates
  • Security thanks to encryption and prepared for future security requirements
  • Lower costs due to mixed mode inverter operation with different manufacturers
  • Better ROI through fulfillment of all regulatory requirements for trading on the electricity market


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blue’Log X-Series

The new generation of data loggers: the blue’Log® X-Series

Technical Data

  • Supply voltage: 20 ... 60 V DC
  • Current consumption: typically 5 W
  • Operating temperature: -20 ... 70°C
  • Protection class: IP 20
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): approx. 110 x 148 x 63 mm
  • Installation:
    Wall intallation, Top-hat rail installation in electrical distribution board,
    in control cabinets
  • Display/operation:
    1x display (291 x 118 pixels)
    3x LED
    2x operating buttons + 1 directional pad
    1x reset button
    3x DIP switches for bus termination
  • Modem: Ethernet connection (10 / 100MBit)
  • Communication:
    2x RS485/RS422 (auto-detection)
    1x CAN
    4x digital/analog inputs (dry contact, S0, voltage input (0 ... 24 V, 0 ... 1 V, 0 ... 100 mV)
    current input (0...20 mA), PT1000, configurable via software)
    4x digital outputs (open collector max. 60 V/100 mA or voltage output max. 200 mA; configurable via software)
    4x digital inputs (dry contact, for e.g. ripple control receiver, S0, configurable via software)

Item Number
532.001 blue’Log X-1000 (monitored power ≤ 100 kWp)
532.003 blue’Log X -3000 (monitored power ≤ 1.000kWp)
532.006 blue’Log X -6000 (monitored power: unlimited)
557.001 FTP-Push Intraday X-Serie

Solar eclipse without safety goggles: blue’Log provides live broadcast

Our eclipse video impressively shows the progress of the solar irradiation during the partial solar eclipse on March 20, 2015. The live values come from the blue’Log, our new device for remote monitoring of photovoltaic systems. Particular highlight of the new blue’Log X-Series is the remote access to the data loggers: besides remote configuration without additional configuration of the router displaying of live values precisely to the second is easily possible. The blue’Log X-Series is not only suitable for watching solar eclipses but also indispensable for commissioning and on-site services.