Intersolar 2021: Discover now what´s new

Our latest releases and innovations

Numerous features and updates have been newly developed for the blue’Log XM / XC and in the VCOM Cloud application. Through communication with our customers and feedback from our surveys, we have received a lot of input and implemented it in recent months. The application of our extensive features and tools is continuously optimized to make it as user-friendly as possible. 

Curious about the latest developments? Learn more about the most recent versions and the innovations you can look forward to in our overview. We will be happy to explain the details of our products at our booth. We are looking forward to a personal conversation with you.

blue’Log XM / XC

Whether new or existing plant, the blue'Log XM / XC is the solution for your project. We have again extended the functionality of the blue'Log X Series with new features. Look forward to more flexibility and usability. All details on the new features:


perspective view of the data logger and controller blue’Log X-Series

New languages

Polish – Italian – Japanese

To the current languages German, English, French and Chinese the following new ones have been added:

  • Polish
  • Italian
  • Japanese

Available soon: Spanish

Extended compatibility

blue'Log XM / XC is compatible with 3,300 devices from over 160 manufacturers

Over 375 drivers are available for connecting devices to blue'Log XM / XC. Check if your desired device is compatible: Compatibility check

Your device is not included in the compatibility list? Please feel free to contact our sales team.

More flexibility

Digital Output Switch, Modbus Configurator and encrypted data export via SFTP

Digital Output Switch

Control of digital outputs via the blue'Log frontend.

Modbus Configurator

Starting with firmware 17.0.11, you can create specific Modbus driver profiles via the web frontend of the data logger blue'Log. The feature "Modbus Configurator blue'Log XM / XC" allows you to implement project- or device-specific Modbus specifications. Modbus profiles created by you are not implemented in a blue'Log driver package (all-in-one driver) and are only available on your blue'Log. To enable the feature, you need the licence 557.012 "Modbus configurator blue'Log XM / XC". For more information, please refer to the data sheet.

Encrypted data export via SFTP

The data export to third party portal providers is now also possible via SFTP if desired. To enable this feature, you need the licence 557.006 "SFTP/FTP-Push blue'Log XM / XC". You can find more information on this in the data sheet.

Improved usability

PDF report for power control settings, automated cloud backup and visualisation of live values

PDF report for power control settings of the blue'Log XC

The settings you have made for the Power Control on the blue'Log XC can be downloaded in an automatically generated PDF report. You can present this report to system certifiers or grid operators if required.

Automated Cloud Backup in VCOM

With the feature blue'Log Cloud Backup, the configurations of your blue'Logs are automatically saved in the VCOM Cloud. This allows you to restore historical configurations at any time and not have to worry about a separate backup.

Visualisation of live values

Live values can be clearly displayed on the blue'Log frontend via the diagram generator.

Simple grid integration

Frequency control certified according to VDE-AR N 4110/4120 and Zero Feed-In certification for Spain

Frequency control certified according to VDE-AR N 4110/4120

The power control feature of the blue'Log XC has been extended to include active power control at over- and underfrequency. Certification according to VDE-AR N 4110 / 4120 was also carried out.

Zero Feed-In certification for Spain

In addition to the certification of the blue'Log XC with Sungrow inverters, the certification of the Zero Feed-In solution for two Kaco inverter types has now also been completed. This means that the blue'Log XC in combination with a total of 19 different Kaco inverter models has been awarded for Zero Feed-In projects on the Spanish market.

For existing systems

Simple adaptation of the controller tuning and replacement of WEB'log slave units by blue'Log XM

Simple adaptation of the controller tuning

The behaviour of the controller blue'Log XC (Power Control) can easily be adapted to deviating requirements (e.g. slower communication paths or inverters) in existing installations.

Replacement of WEB'log slave devices by blue'Log XM

In a master-slave system design, WEB'Log slave devices can be replaced by blue'Log XM slaves. To enable the feature on the blue'Log XM, you need the licence 557 011 "WEB'log Slave mode blue'Log XM".

VCOM Cloud

The VCOM Cloud is continuously being further developed. Future-oriented data management technologies enable real-time simulation at plant and inverter level. For improved usability, the losses are displayed more clearly, especially the power control losses. The optimisation of the classic O&M tools, for example through the new ticket portlet, facilitate the evaluation. All details on the new features:

VCOM CMMS on computer, tablet and smartphone

VCOM Administration in a new design

Portfolio and asset level

Thanks to the new grouping of pages, it is no longer necessary to search through a disconnected list. The desired pages can now be found more efficiently.

The new structure and the modernised technology make it possible to integrate new functions more intuitively in the future, while at the same time optimising performance. The simple and modern design leads not only to a more pleasant but also a more efficient user experience.

Inverter evaluation

Available in the "Performance overview" portlet

With the new inverter evaluation in the "Power overview" portlet, you can easily and quickly obtain an overview of the performance of the inverters of each system. This way you can simply identify critical systems for an effective O&M process. In this optional column, the inverters are evaluated based on the recently published inverter simulation.

Depending on the deviation between the setpoint and the measured values of each inverter, three different states are displayed as horizontal columns reflecting the number of affected inverters in each state after each data entry.

Graphic for inverter simulation

based on live sensor irradiance data

Our plant-level simulation algorithm is now applied to all inverters and displayed in a new graphic in the evaluation area. The inverter simulation is calculated based on live sensor irradiation data. The physical characteristics and master data of each inverter are considered for the setpoint, which is optimised by our machine learning algorithms to achieve accurate results. The estimated losses between the simulation results and the measured yield are displayed in the chart to give you a daily overview of the inverter performance of your system.

With this approach, we aim to intelligently detect possible deviation between the calculated target value and the measured value at the component level and to quickly and easily correct errors for you.

Loss Breakdown Chart

Power Control Losses are now available

The Power Control Losses are shown in the Loss Breakdown Chart in the evaluation area. This chart displays the losses as well as the overperformance, from the yield forecast to the actual energy production of your plants, with the help of a simulation.

For plants equipped with blue'Log, which are controlled by the grid operator or the direct marketer, or which conditionally operate in a zero-feed-in mode, the simulation is now carried out in two iterations, so that the losses caused by plant control are displayed simply and intuitively.

Ticket portlet

The portlet provide the users with the most important tickets, including last changes, at the top of the list. This makes it possible to display all tickets of a partner without having performance problems and to improve the O&M process in order to detect easier the most critical issues for the O&M manager.

Menu in the sidebar

Accessible via right click

System availability: Extension of values

Monthly and annual values

The graphic on system availability can be extended to include monthly and annual values in VCOM.

VCOM Monitoring App: Graphic on self-consumption

This provides you with clear information about your self-consumption. In addition, you can graphically track the findings of the power values or the percentage distribution. After the corresponding configuration in the VCOM settings, the graphic is automatically displayed in the evaluation area and now also in the monitoring app.