Solar power forecasts for Greece and Cyprus

meteocontrol GmbH, the leading provider of independent monitoring and control systems, has formed an exclusive sales partnership with Synergia Technical & Consulting S.A. The Greek PV service provider for technical operation management and consulting services will now handle sales of meteocontrol solar power forecasts in Greece and Cyprus. This will provide a crucial regional partner for meteocontrol, which operates one of the world’s largest measuring networks that gathers real-time monitoring data of more than 45,000 PV systems and uses advanced forecast models based on machine-learning methods.

“Reliable solar power forecasts are a precondition for operators of PV systems who want to be competitive by making optimal energy offers,” said Nikos Konstantinias, the President and Managing Director of Synergia Technical & Consulting S.A. “The scope of their profits and losses ultimately depends on these forecasts. By combining the real-time data of all solar systems in the market, meteocontrol’s solar power forecasts and feed-in extrapolations are among the world’s most reliable. We can now produce them for every system location in Greece and Cyprus. We’re looking forward to the partnership and are really happy that meteocontrol has placed its confidence in us.”

With law 4414/2016, the Greek Parliament liberalized the country’s energy market: Since the New Target Model was introduced, all new renewable energy solutions (RES) and combined heat and power plants in Greece must directly enter the energy market. The power they produce is subject to the billing process on the wholesale market (day-ahead DAM, intraday IDM) and the balancing market of Greek Energy Exchange and I.P.T.O. (Greek transmission system operator). This market transformation affects all new renewable energy projects with a capacity level above 500 kilowatts.

The key factors that led meteocontrol to set up the sales partnership were the many years of PV experience and the comprehensive customer and partnership network the technical operation manager and adviser has in Greece. “With Synergia, we have found a strong partner for the growing Greek market,” said Robert Pfatischer, the Managing Director of meteocontrol. “We continually enhance our forecasting models and combine our meteorological know-how with machine-learning processes. As a result, we are able to produce optimally adapted feed-in forecasts for individual locations and grid areas around the world. This facilitates both safe grid integration and the profitable trading of solar energy.”